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    I sent out postcards in the mail yesterday, and today it begins to snow. I hate Missouri weather. I have a feeling that people are not going to be too interested in lawn care, while outside shoveling snow from their sidewalks. The postmaster told me that they were going to be delivered on thursday. So far the weather report is saying 60, but you never know here. I'm praying for a good call back rate either way.

    When is the best time to send out flyers. In your opinion? And do you think the weather and day of week make a difference?
  2. SCW

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    Early bird gets the worm---even if there's snow on the ground - don't worry - they'll hang onto your card. We've had people hang onto our advertising stuff for 2 months before.
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi bobwright007,

    When is the best time to send out flyers. In your opinion?

    All the time. Ideally as often as possible.
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    If they want your services, they will hang on to it simple as that. Keep us posted on how it goes.

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