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  1. lildog132

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    ive passed out 2000 flyers the last couple weeks and they just arn't working out. Ive only picked up 2 customers from them. :cry: my services that I list are only mow,trip,edge. Could this be a reason why im not getting that many calls because im not offering other services? And also I was wondering if you guys give some kind of referal discount if one of your customers gets you another customer? maybe like 1/2 off next time? maybe totally free? I think I would give someone 1 free cut if it ment I got another customer.
  2. stumper1620

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    2000 flyers for 2 customers, of course a free mow is cheap in comparison, look at the cost of 2000 flyers how much did it cost for 2 customers?
    how much would 1 mow cost you, thats a very inexpensive way to obtain a customer. full season agreement only to recieve the free mow, I prefer to credit back at the end of mowing season, that way it shows on the books as advertising expense.
    By the way you are not alone with low response, I am recieving very few for lawn care.
  3. slicksilverado01

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    I never pass out flyer a waste of my way is to go around in a neighborhood you mow in and go door to door and talk with the people in person. it always works for me every year.

    o and what is a trip? :p
  4. lildog132

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    you dont offer trips? they are the new thing in lawn care industry. :D spelling error, whoops.
  5. kc2006

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    could be because we're already into season and people have companies already. I intend on picking up people that aren't happy with their current companies. with the great weather we're having people are seeing fast if their company has too much work to keep up. Some lawns haven't been cut for 3 weeks here, those are the ones I'm trying to get. I'm sending 5000 out this week, i'll let you know the response.
  6. Kasfeldt7

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    Im justing starting out also, but I've used flyers and door hangers in my ministry, so if you handed out 2000 flyers and received 2 new customers you're doing good!!!

    The average return rate for flyers,etc. (without personal contact) is .05-1% so you're right on target. Im actually getting less than a 1% return on my doorhangers... :cry:

    Holy Mower
  7. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    1% return on 1000 is 10 not 1

    but alot of people say they get 1-3 customers per 1000. My 5000 flyers just went out today, I'm hoping to land at least 5 customers from it, more is always welcome though :D
  8. Kasfeldt7

    Kasfeldt7 LawnSite Member
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    Oops! Yes you are correct, at 1% you'd be getting 10 (which would be awesome!)

    Im no where near getting 1%. Im hoping to get a little better than .001% which works out to 1 in 1000 as you stated.

    Im finding it very difficult to get any customers, even though my rates are competitive and I offer discounts, etc.

    Im putting out doorhangers,flyers,businesscards and Ive got an ad out in the local newspaper - dont know what else to really do.Any suggestions would be helpful... :help:
  9. kc2006

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    Your probably not getting to many bites because the season just started, people are either happy with their current company, just finding out how their new company is doing, or thinking they'll do the grass themselves. Keep at the advertising and after people start to get tired of cutting the lawn for themselves or their new company isn't doing up to par work then they'll be looking for a new company. This is the way i look at it. Its all about getting your name out there, keep with the newspaper add, and keep hitting the same areas with the flyers this way your name will be fresh in their heads. Also you might want to get some signs on your work truck, its cheap to do and you'll be putting your name in front of people alot during the day while driving around. I'm getting itchy about the flyers i sent out, hoping it works out since we are already into the season. Keep up with the advertising, let us know how it works out.
  10. Howard Roark

    Howard Roark LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    If at all possible in the area you are in, try putting prices based on square feet on your cards. Price is 80% of the deal, and this way if they're calling chances are you'll sign them.
    Good luck!

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