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Oklahoma City OK
About how many flyers did you guys pass out in the beginning when you were trying to get work. I plan on getting on my bicycle and riding around rolling them up and sticking them under peoples front door handles. <br>What do you think? Under windsheild wipers at shopping centers? Thanks, chad OKC


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Sacramento CA
Chadster,<br>I started with door to door flyers in my neighborhood. Passed out 150 and recieved three customers. Cheap, I prefer newspaper ads and word of mouth. <br>


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San Antonio, TX
We passed out about 2,000 door to door and recieved about 30 customers from that in about 2 months ( We put them on the doors about 3 months ago). We are still receiving calls on some flyers because some customers cut their own lawns but when it gets to hot or they do not feel like cutting it at the time they give us a call. Those customers kept the flyers I guess for emergencies. The 30 other customers are normal (route)customers.<br>

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I don't mean to be pessimistic, but my door to door flyers bombed. We would spend all day walking neighborhoods running flyers. Yes we got accounts, but not many. Now when we want to drum up business we use rolled up flyers with a large paper clip to keep it rolled (people pick up the flyer just to get the paper clip, then will read your ad). At night we throw them in driveways. Our return seems to be about the same as the door to door flyers only we spend a fraction of the time running them.


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i just made up some door hangers i printed 2 to a sheet then i used a paper cutter to cut them in half, i then used u punch i borrowed from my mom(shes a school teacher)that makes letters and i just put the letter &quot;o&quot; stamp in i will let you know how they turn out i made 250 for 4 dollars i even used heavy paper so it would look pro.<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida