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    Can someone give me a example of what they put on their flyers? I'm about to make another stack, but I would like to use fewer words on them. :rolleyes:

    Please? :D
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    Here is an old ad of mine:



    Grass Cutting, Mulch, Core Aeration,
    Hedge Trimming, Weed Control.

    Call *first-name* at 555-1212

    That should be simple enough, no?
  3. ArizPestWeed

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    Season special 40% off initial and 1 free month with 12 month agreement .

    Organic and conventional service

    Scorpions , Ants , Wasp , on so on

    Phone numbers here .

    I do pest & weed control only

    My post cards are half pages cut long ways on yellow card stock .
    They stand out , gooood
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    Hi MudFoot,

    This link will give you some ideas.

    <table width=100%>
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    When it comes to creating effective marketing materials there are a few key elements that will help you design a powerful marketing piece.

    First, an attention grabbing headline. You want them to actually read what you're offering instead of simply skimming over it once they realize it's 'another' flyer from a lawn care company. Give them a reason to keep reading. You want to make it benefit driven as well, something like, 'Who Else Wants to Be the Envy of The Neighborhood Thanks to Your Beautifully Manicured Lawn?' Or 'Imagine Having More Time To Spend With Your Kids Rolling Around On Your Golf Course Like Lawn?'

    Second, you want to talk benefits, benefits, and more benefits. I hate to say it, but initially no one cares how long you've been in business or even that you provide 12 different types of service. By stressing the benefits they'll receive by using your service, you paint a picture of the end results which at the end of the day will greatly increase your ability to convert them to a paying customer. Examples of the benefits you could stress would be more time to spend with family, being the envy of the neighborhood, and increased property value or curb appeal.

    You also could consider giving them a reason to contact you that does not include immediately purchasing a service. Often times businesses try to immediately convert a prospect to a paying customer in one giant leap, but that's like going from point A to point M in one step. It's difficult to do unless their just itching to give you their money. Instead of offering the usual 'free estimate', try offering a guide on how to select a quality lawn care service provider. Put your website on there and deliver it electronically in exchange for their contact information or deliver it personally and arrive with the next step in your marketing sequence.

    Lastly and this is something that I very rarely see done, but you might consider creating a sequence of flyers that get delivered over a period of time. If you really want to capture a particular area or neighborhood, develop a sequence of flyers that reference the previous ones and then deliver them ever 2-3 weeks. You'll be surprised at how effective this technique can be because people will become more familiar with you, the probably weren't ready to call when they saw the previous flyer, or the simply didn't even look at it.

    It may seem like a lot, but these are powerful direct marketing principles that could really yield excellent returns on your next flyer.

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