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    For everyone who doesn't know what situation I am in for my business, Check: &quot;Starting a new business.&quot; I now have a problem with where to put my flyers. I am going to attach my business card to the back of my flyer. Should I do this? Also...I need to know where to put the flyers. Should I put them in the mailbox? Taped to the doors? Stuck in the doors? Paper boxes?((this didn't work too good last year))Please give me any input!!!!!!<br>
  2. Grassboy

    Grassboy LawnSite Member
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  3. accuratelawn

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    It is illegal to put flyers in or on mailboxes. If you wait until after carrier has delivered you might get away with it.
  4. Retro67

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    Last year I put them on mailboxes, sometimes even in front of the mail truck. I don't know how strict they are, I was only aware that it was illegal to put things in the mailbox, never heard anything about on the mailbox. &lt;p&gt;<p>Maybe call your local postmaster to see how stringently they enforce the rules in your area. I know I wasn't fooling anybody, or trying to hide what I was doing. I never had a problem, but it could be that I have a more layed back Postmaster than in your area (or the carriers just ignored it and didn't complain). Hopefully, this year will be the same. &lt;p&gt;When did you put flyers out last year? Maybe the lack of success was due to factors other than the fact you put them in paperboxes. &lt;p&gt; Maybe put them in/on people's doors where they don't have rural mailboxes. Start well before spring. Now is the time to be preparing. Within the next month or so, should be prime time to start picking up clientel.&lt;p&gt;<p>Keep in mind if you have a decent response rate (2%) it will take passing out 500 flyers for every ten responses you want to get. You won't close on all responses, so take all of this into consideration.Good Luck!&lt;p&gt;John

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    People in my area put them between the flag and the mailbox. <br>I don't know for sure if this is legal or not. <br>
  6. Grassboy

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    I was going to try the technique of putting the flyer between the flag and the mailbox, but wouldn't that get blown out by the wind?
  7. bdemir

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    i think that anything to do with the mailbox is not legal because the its post office property sort of say. But its up to you dont be suprised if you get them all back.sometimes they wont bother them but i have in the past had problems with the post office with flyers.Try a door hanger flyer like in hotels (do not disturb hangers),you can hang them and its more visible. <br>
  8. cjcland

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    i once went to the mall and put out 500 flyers under windshield wipers and the security guard came and told me i had to go take them all off, well i talked him out of making me take them off so i was lucky, oh by the way i got 4 accounts, the security guard even asked me for 1 but he didnt need a lawn service oh well, i am thinking about going to churches and putting them on cars there, down here in florida we have alot of retired people that are either too old or just figure that they worked hard all ther lives so why not get someone to do the lawn, also i figure that when they get out of church and are thinking, &quot;oh man i have to go home and cut the lawn&quot; but wait whats this i could get cjc landscape management to do it and i could just have a relaxing day. ill let you know how it works out
  9. MOW ED

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    Make some tear offs with your phone at the bottom and take them to local grocery stores, hardware stores and places where seniors gather - bingo halls, community centers, clinics. You might be surprised. You could also try churches but sometimes they try and nail you for donations.
  10. Doug406

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    The church thing seems to be a good idea. I would try and go see the pastor or somebody in charge during the week regarding your plans though. If they are a true open and giving church you will have no problems. Other than that it would be considered unotherized solicitation of a private service on a non-for profit organization. The mail box thing is illegal, on , in , or below, and that goes for paper boxes as well. I know because I was busted last year, they said if it happened again, charges would be pressed. What you are doing is the same as the church thing, exept your getting advertizing or mailing out to the public with out paying the organization which provides the mail service or box.<br>Try sending them out bulk mail price, you can select the areas by zip code or other geographical bounderies available through the post office. Or send out flyers through the local newspapers, once again, using only sertian areas you want to do buisiness in. It is realy not all that expensive, and remember advertizing does work, it is proven!<br>Actually, maybe even try an add in the yellow pages, it is realitively cheap for the results. And when you do sit down to talk with a yellow pages guy or gal, chizzel the price down. I just signed a add campaign that started out at $3600 for a half page (year cost) down to $950, no joke!!<br>

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