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    Grassboy, Pick out the properties in an area you would like to mow and send each home owner a personal flyer stating that you are expanding your business to their area and that you would be interested in quoteing a price for their lawncare needs. Why waste money and time on 500 flyers for who knows what area they will go into and then you may have to travel lots of miles to do the jobs.Keep your route as tight as possiable.
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    Mow ed, do you really want to put out such cheesy flyers? And to waste time advertising to the low end customers? Go upscale and direct your nicely done flyers to the upscale neighbourhoods where the rich dudes live, they have the bucks to pay you what you're worth.
  3. Finecut

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    Grassboy,<p>Gene gave you some good advice and getting into large upscale areas is the answer. The best time to put out these flyers is at night when you don't have to answer questions from homeowners and can move along undisturbed. You can get someone to drop you off and you can start to put flyers or door hangers out and your friend can drive a couple of blocks away, where they start to put flyers or door hangers out. With two people you can cover a large area in a short amount of time and you know your advertising went right where you wanted it to go. The mailbox thing is OK but like others have said you can have a catch 22 with the local postmaster and all it would take is one complaint and the postmaster would jump into action. We did put 1500 flyers on mailboxes last year in an evening and stuck them between the flag and mailbox. By about 1:00am the dew on the mailboxes made it almost impossible, because the flyers got stuck to the mailboxes by the moisture and wouldn't slide behind the flag. And if you had a windy night they would be blown about the neighborhood and you probably wouldn't win anyone over. <p>If you have more money than you know what to do with I would recommend you having your local paper insert them in papers that go only to these areas you want to hit with flyers. That is cheaper than mailing, but none the less costly. If you have the time you can better serve yourself.<br>
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    Thanks everyone for your help. I put out my flyers in my neighborhood yesterday. I put them in the doors, or if I couldn't slide it in, I taped it to the doors. Even the ones being built, just for the heck of it. <br>
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    Grassboy, Just a handy hint. Dont tape flyers<br>to peoples doors.It will piss them off.<br>If someone taped/glued/nailed or velcroed a<br>flyer to my door,I would stick it so far up<br>their a$$ it would touch their heart.:)<br>Definately go with the yellow pages ad.<br>We would've gone broke without it.

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