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i have made up some flyers different ones for real estate, property managers and home owners when is a good time to send them out, i know the early bird gets the worm but i feel like if i send them out to early then having the grass cut is the farthest thing from there mind since it hasnt been growing. i am in central florida
I send them out asap then send round 2 to same poeple about at first good weather. People are outside walking looking at the lawn so on so on. But send the first batch out now and give them a call shortly after you send them out. Be polite just call and say we sent you a fyler did you get ? Just let them know that your willing to give them est. and so on. I did that one year gave 50 est. got 5. next year gave 60 est with out fylers got 15. Just keep leting them seee your name. Post cards letters your trailers and trucks. Over and over till its stuck in their head. Once it is and they have seen you do good work you have a in. If you have pictures like ELM does on his site (great work hats off to eric ELM) send copys along. Or post them on a web site and put the address in bold on the letters. So they can see your work and get a feel for it. Word if it a high profile job that your showing make sure you still do it. Put the ones you do as the first to be seen.


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Central CT
Last year when I was doing cleanups(late March) I noticed in one neighborhood little plastic bags with a few stones and a leaflet in it on everyones driveway. Upon inspection it was a bid for everyone in the neighborhood for mowing, fertilizing cleanups, evidently some enterprising individual did a hiyawatha from the curb wrote up an estimate put it in the baggie with a handful of gravel and threw em up towards the house.<p>Dont know how successful they were, but I have yet to see this co.'s trucks in that neighborhood. May work for you.<p>Bill