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    i was wondering if anyone out there mails flyers to specific places like apartment complex managers, bussiness owners, and so on. is this normal or do you usually just go talk to them in person.
  2. People do all sorts of those.

    Do what you feel will get you what you want.

    Most biz owners around here are not in charge of the landsacpes, that would be the reality co. that owns or manages the building.
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    It seems that a lot of the apartments, condos, ect. are maintained by a 3rd party 'property management' firms. The management firms are contracted and are paid by the HOA monthly for their services. This includes fixing plumbing, water damage, replacing burnt-out light bulbs in common areas, property clean-up, ect.

    The one I used to work for contracted an outside LCO for mowing, bush trimming, and plant bed maintanance.

    The complex managers and owners did nothing but call us when something needed fixed....oh yeah, they counted their money too. ;)

    You will usually find a sign at the entrance of the complex that says "Managed by So-&-So Properties"...or something similar.

    These are the people you need to seek out as they tend to handle all the bids from outside contractors.

    Good luck. From my experience you will be dealing with a highly-political 'good ol' boy' network (re: they like to hire friends and kinfolk...and get $$$ kick-backs for the contracts).

    I HATED working for a 'property management' firm! :angry:
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    SLS is exacty right.

    You don't want to make this a major percentage of your client base for the above reasons. There are a few property management co.s that will pay for quality work, but very few.

    If you really want to find them, this is one of the best ways to do so.....

    Join their organizations. - You can pick up an apartment guide at the grocery store and it will say that it's put out by an organization. Here it is the GNAA or Greater Nashville Apartment Association. Once you join, you will be invited to every little meeting and event and you will get to know who's who. Work will come without even asking for business because you are now a member.

    The down side is that you will be asked for donations to raffles, pool parties, golf tournies, and everything else you can think of. You'll have a low profit margin with these jobs as it is and then you'll be peppered for free work and $1000s in donations. ( Gee, does it sound like I've been there? )

    As far as commercial jobs. The same applies but it's not so bad on the margins and donations. There are organizations such as BOMA - Business something something of something and the like that have members who will provide work just because you sat next to them at a lunch and now they know you.

    Sorry such a long post, but i hope this helps you. There is a saying that hold true for such organizations.."Remember a member". And they will if you become one of them. You just have to ask yourself if you want to.

    Good Luck

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