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    What do your flyers look like? I usually include the basic, info, but what do you do to make your flyer stick out above the others, besides colored paper. Seen any results? Thanks!
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    Fliers and door hangers have been a wast of time for us so far. We put out 1000 fliers and 2000 door hangers Both pieces are very nice professionally done. And still not 1 call we started Mar. 3rd and still distributing in hopes that people are just waiting till it needs to be mowed.

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    Where do you get the door hangers made?
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    Putting out 1000 flyers and 2000 door hangers is not enough. You're only reaching 3000 potential customers. Figure you should get a 1% response rate, and not all of them will become customers. I figure .25% (a quarter of 1 percent) off what you hand out will become customers.
    Let's say you put out 2000 flyers. You can hope for arounf 5 customers, give or take.
    Now I could be wrong, but I have spoken to many people in service realted businesses, and they all say arounf the same figure.
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    You are right...the response rate is usually 1% and out of that 1% maybe 75% will become customers.

    1000 Flyers in a target area.
    1% of 1000 is 10.(1000 x .01=10 customers that called you for a quote or info)
    out of the 10....75% very likely but not guaranteed to sign up with you. Approximately 7-8 customers.
    Now this is if everything is picked your target area correctly....salesmanship is pretty good etc..

    So really this is on the high side. I have seen guys get zero calls from a 5000 flyer distribution.

    Just my thoughts
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    ONE time and start hitting targeted areas 4-5 times each.
    Basic advertising. it takes someone seeing your name 4 times to have any chance of them remembering it.
    You will do better hitting 500 targeted homes 4 times than 2000 homes 1 time.
    Check out SCORE (retired folks providing consulting help for small businesses).
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    All this talk about percentages of jobs you'll get from flyers; it all varies so much. A lot of factors go into your success rate with flyers. Of course the quality of flyer helps. Having a nice web site so people can find out even more about your co. helps too. Asking for action helps. Testimonials help. But I'd say the biggest factor is TIMING!

    We've had times during the spring (e.g. late March to May) where we've put out 1000 flyers and had over 50 calls! And landed dozens of jobs. Not all maintenance. In that sense, I suppose that's another factor. If you do more than JUST maintenance, you can expect to get more calls. Anyway, we tend to have just amazing results in the spring time. But I can put out 5000 flyers in the fall or winter and receive only 2 or 3 calls. It's all timing.
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    I agree with the timing issue. I put out only 200 flyers last year in a specific neighborhood during the spring and got 4 jobs out of it. I then put out 2000 flyers at the end of spring and didn't get a single call.

    So far I have put out 1600 flyers this year and no calls yet, but I'm getting calls from my website, which I didn't get last year.

    I guess you just need to cover all bases because there is no way of knowing what will work at any particular time.

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