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  1. whartford

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    What are the legalities of do flyers? Are you allowed to hang them on mailboxes but not put them in the mailbox? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. lawnboy

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    I don't think that you are allowed to even put them on the mailbox. I got yelled at about it years ago by a mailman. I would reccommend putiing them in the door or on the car windshield.
  3. CCSwanson

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    Be careful about hanging flyers in a city where you have to get permits In the small town that I just moved out of you were required to get permits for <b>EVERYTHING!!!</b> Check with the courthouse first
  4. Skookum

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    I know it is a fine line. The mailbox is considered federal property. It is a federal law you are charged with if you knock down a mailbox as vandalisim. (We got a guy when I was a kid). If you put a flyer inside, then you are not giving the post office it's dues, thus breaking a federal law.

    They do it around here alot by putting the flyer or notice on the post. If it is on the box itself, then it can be in the mailmans way. This could cause anyone to yell at the guy putting them there. You would not like it if someone walked around a yard you mowed and put up stuff for you to move or mow around.

    I have done it two ways. Door hangers and postcards. Door hangers are easy to do yourself if funds are tight. You can get actual precut paper from Quill or Quieblo paper companies. If you cannot afford those or just have alot of time to kill, you can make them yourself. Just use colored copy paper, put your message on them and for the doorknob hole cut a x with a exacto knife or utility knife. Make them up on your computer, punch them out and off you go to hanging. I carry hangers in my truck, that I will put on neighbors doors of yards I might mow. I have a spot that I write a price if I want, this way they do not have to call me just to see how much for a simple cut, they may not call without this intiser.

    Postcards are a little bit harder, but worth it for targeting a bigger area. You can get mailing list for specific areas for reasonable rates. Look in your local phone book under mailing lists. I have done it myself also by just driving through an addition and writing the addresses down. It's a good winter, down day, thing to do. I keep those addresses in a cheapo $25.00 database program that works great for just that(MyDataBase, look on net, have been there, but so long ago I am not sure of site address). I know they still make it. I have had the program for about 8 years now, (WIN 2.0, ver.) still going on Windows 98.

    You can get precut postcards 4 to a page or make your own with cardstock. Make up your message, print your return address on the back. Print out or write out the address, slap on a stamp and your all set. If you have a lot to send out, you can have Kinkos send them using thier bulk postage permit. If you really have a lot more, you can get your own permit at the post office, it's not hard to get, but it's a pain to do what is required each time you mail.

    :)They do work! Plus you are targeting the ones YOU want.
  5. cos

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    It goes to show you, that common sense is not used in some towns. Hanging a flyer on a mailbox is going to get in the mailman's way? Some Postmasters just don't use plain common sense and think they are high and mighty when they are wearing a tie. I always hang them from the side of the mailbox and never had a problem.
  6. Scraper

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    Just a note on the laziness of mailmen...last Friday when at a customers, the garbage cans were left in front of their mailbox by the garbage men...I had just gotten done loading up my mower when I hear a bang....low and behold I turned around to see the lazy mailman had run into them and pushed them forward so he could put the mail in the box without having to get off his fat you know what. Needless to say I just shook my head and went about my work.

    P.S. Boy are on one heck of a posting streak! ;)
  7. jcoat

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    Guys, it's been awhile since I posted, but when it comes to fliers it's permit and hang; hang if no permit or bulk mailer. My dad's a postmaster and out of respect for the USPS, it's a lot like that Seinfeld episode with Neuman... "The mail never stops..." These guys are a lot like us. If you're good @ what you do, ya gotta do your job come hell or high-water, so it's not ok to hang them on the mailbox. For me personally, I've had people do this and, in that case, I chunk them without reading... On a personal note, it's a lot easier to ask forgiveness than permission, so sometimes you just do it and if they approach you about it, claim ignorance... also Scraper, there are bad ones too... they're a lot like scrubs...
  8. cos

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    I bet you that that ignorant jerk didn't care if those garbage cans rolled down the streets either. I am fully aware that there has to be a buffer zone, so that the mail can be delivered. So many feet here and there, so that the mailman can deliver the mail. My good friend is a mailman, and he tells me of that junk. That is where the common sense factor comes into play. Whatever happen to doing what it takes to get the job done. Oh that's right, isn't the postal service a government job.
  9. lawnboy11

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    I have done flyers in mailboxes for years no problem. I do fold them in thirds first so that they are the size of an envelope and then they fit right in with the mail or are out of the way. If it's a problem for you just stick it between the doors, roll it and slide it into the handle, etc. Who is really going to bother you about that anyway? I can't see a judge punishing someone for trying to make an honest living. You're not putting crack vials in the mailbox. If a postman yells at you then avoid his route, but yelling never hurt anyway!
  10. powerreel

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    Mailmen who can't use reverse gear after filling boxes when parking is tight make ME want to go postal!

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