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  1. bleroy000

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    I copied a whole bunch of flyers, standard paper size, and was wondering what is the best way to distribute them, or what method do you use to advertise and what seems to be the most effective, i've heard the most effect of course is word of mouth, but since i am just starting I don't have any customers to spread the word around...Any advice would be greatly appreciated...THANKS
  2. luke1

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    Go door to door, leave them on the mailbox,(not on the flag or in the mailbox). might get a few people mad that way. Keep at it. I started myself this year. So far I have found the easy way to advertise with little or no funds is to place flyer's.
  3. Exess100

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    I just started out this year also. I got 1000 flyers made and started putting them on the mailboxes. I got about 400 out and like 10 calls and 2 accounts. We just did out very first account(a clean up)this past Fri and went well. Just keep on getting out there and get thoes flyers out. I also just bought 500 names and addresses of new home owners and gonna give that a try. Good Luck to you.
  4. kootoomootoo

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    Hi Bleroy,

    Here is a post that may be helpful in giving you more ideas.
  6. bleroy000

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    Thanks for finding that post for me Team Gopher, it really helped, I went out today and went door-to-door, passed out about 50 flyers, and got 2 weekly mowing jobs, and 3 Spring Cleanings.....The Advice really helped thxs to all...:D
  7. Toehill

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    Hey ive gotten 50 % of my buss off of flyers put your price in the flyer that way they dont have to mess with the estimate and you either they call and say it says 45 bucks a mow trim and blow say yep but is your yard in bad shape they say yes say i usaully charge double the first trip then its 45 after that next thing you know you got an employee problem...................
  8. EagleLandscape

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    It's illegal to put them on a mailbox. Don't even try it.
  9. mjensen

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    jwingfield2k ...your a 100% correct it is illegal to put them in the mailbox or tap them to the side of the multiboxes. I suggest getting one of the local guys to do the work for you and droping them at the door. This is a cheap way and legal way to due business. good luck
  10. chris28

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    I put out flyers in mailboxes and the local postmaster called me up and spanked me over the phone. He said I could be charged for every mailbox I put them in. He further stated that I could not put flyers anywhere that they would touch the mailbox. He suggested putting them in doors, but then you also have to worry about local ordinances about soliciting.
    Luckily the post office didn't pull out all my flyers and I still got some calls. Now I drive the developments and mail them out to the lawns I want. Seems to be working.

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