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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by robro1102, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. robro1102

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    Several of you have tried to help me with what I thought was a starter problem. I have removed the starter and now discover that the flywheel itself seems to be stuck. This is a Toro Z5000 Kohler engine.

    My previous thread, Starter Just Clicks, has gotten me to this point. I have removed the plastic blade cover and the flywheel will not budge.

    I am attaching a picture of the flywheel. The mower has been working great up until last week when all this happened. It seems that I am an idiot. I have washed my entire mower over the past couple of years and it appears to have rusted the flywheel some, but I don't think that is the issue. It is just surface rust.

    I would like to investigate further but afraid to. I can't see why the wheel will not move. Is it bolted down? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Z5000 Flywheel.jpg
  2. robro1102

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    just testing this thread
  3. robro1102

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    I can't move the flywheel at all. I know the oil level was fine. I read somewhere on here that a bearing can "melt to the shaft". Is that possible? I don't see any oil in this thing now. Would the oil leak into the engine somewhere but not out onto the garage floor? I have never seen a leak?
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    You need a puller such as this to get the flywheel popped loose, Some chain auto parts stores have them in their loan-a-tool program.

    And, There was no need in starting another thread.....

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    Could t his be a clutch that melted down?
  6. Restrorob

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    In most cases you would still be able to rock the flywheel back and forth the distance between the clutch and clutch stop bracket/bolt. The way I've read, The flywheel doesn't move AT ALL ?
  7. rwaters

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    i could be a lot of things, but restro is taking you threw steps that will be less intrusive for you. I could be a long way to the answer but if you follow his steps you have a chance of repair. Remember we are trying to troubleshoot over what you have told us, it is much easier to troubleshoot and engine when we can see and touch it.
  8. topsites

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    I think we have a misunderstanding, from what I gather the operator is not
    trying to remove the flywheel, he is trying to get it to turn over the engine.

    If such is the case, try removing the spark plug(s),
    doing that will relieve any internal engine compression.

    Could be a gasoline-filled cylinder keeping the engine from turning, for example.
    Removing the spark plug(s) should let you turn the engine over via the flywheel.

    If, however, you are trying to physically separate the flywheel from the engine, then you should follow Restrorob's instructions.
  9. piston slapper

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    Now there's an Understatement.....
    How about some engine #'s
    How about checking the engine oil before starting a thread ?
    I think we're looking at the wrong end of the horse.

    TOPPER....TOPPER...TOPPER.... Its monday again:hammerhead:
  10. robro1102

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    How about checking the engine oil before starting a thread ?
    I think we're looking at the wrong end of the horse.

    I certainy deserve that comment. I just can't believe I ran it without oil. I never had any sign of it running hot or leaking or anything. That being said, I must face reality.

    This is a Kohler Courage 21 HP SV610-0020. If I locked it up, please answer probably this last question. Do people rebuild these types of engines, or is it just not feasible to mess with? If I got one of those "pullers" mentioned above, I think it is obvious I would not know what to do with it.

    Can the community "small engine repair guy" do this type of work, or are we talking a true ENGINE SHOP?

    Thanks for all of you help.

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