FM radio hearing protectors.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JJ Lawn, Aug 2, 2001.

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    We are here to serve! :D
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    I have used the Elvex rechargeable for about 4 years and couldn't imagine working without them. Had the battery ones years ago before the recharge came out, got tired of replacing batteries all the time. I even offered to buy a set for 2 employees but they prefer to listen to Ozzie and Limp Bizkit on their CD players, Howard Stern keeps me laughing all morning.
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    I'm going to order the Select model from the link I supplied, as they are $20 cheaper that the one Kirbyslawn has.( they might make it up in freight) I would also like to get a pair of the AM ones, as I am a talk radio fan, (NO RUSH, can't stand to hear the man praise himself all the time) but am wondering about the static that will be caused from the engine ignitions systems. Anyone tried these?

    The durability and being able to change out the muffs is what has sold me on a pair. And the fact that I have two areas that I mow weekly that I spend about 2.5 hrs on one and 4.0 hours on the other. Really need something to keep my mind occupied. Run out of things to think about after an hour on the mower an start getting sleepy.

    Thanks for your input.

  4. BRL

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    There is a rechargeable battery in the rechargeable units. That battery probably went bad in your pair & needs to be replaced. They can only be recharged so many times & then they are no good, just like any rechargeable battery. Although it seems to me that it happened sooner than later with yours. I think the directions say they are good for around 1,000 charges.

    What are your employees using for hearing protection while listening to their CD players? Hopefully not standard portable equipment headphones because this is not protecting their ears & is probably causing damage. They can play their CD (or Walkman, MP3, etc) players through the rechargeble Elvex radio muffs. They just need to go to Radio Shack or similar store & buy a cord with a head phone jack on both ends. This then gets plugged into the headphone jack on the CD player & the recharge jack on the Elvex muffs.

    I bought a pair of the Elvex COM 100 rechargeable muffs at the beginning of the season. They have had 3 falls, one major that I thought for sure destroyed them. Put them back together & they've been fine ever since. They can take abuse and they clean easily.
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    There have been several threads on this same topic and I've noticed more than one say, "When they put their Elvex back together after dropping them"..........

    This is one thing that a Peltor doesn't do when dropped. I have not had to put any parts together after dropping the Peltors. They are very well built.
  6. gorrell

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    I found a headphone radio I think I'll give a try. It's the Pilot Explorer pa 21-30. I found it at and it has all the features I want at a very reasonable price. It has the microphone system that attenuates soft sounds and decreases loud ones. The headband can be turned to the rear so it can be worn with a hardhat and it is a rechargeable unit that weighs only 11 ozs. It's $185, quite a value for all its features. I'll keep you posted on it's performance.................Lynn
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    Try the Husqvarna FM Stereo/ Hearing protectors. They sound great, have a limiter in them to prevent hearing damage from too loud a radio and the AA batteries last a long time. They come apart for easy cleaning and are built tough. They also have digital tuning and are water resistant in a downpour. They are a bit hot on your ears but the peace and quiet while you are cutting and listening to your favorite tunes is worth it.
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    Who is Rush???
  9. Grapevine

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    BRL, I never thought of that, I'll look into it. Thanks.
  10. Guido

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    Can you do me a favor??

    I am seriously considering the FM headset, and I'll definetly look into the digital ones, but as you know I run heavy equipment mostly with enclosed cabs. I'm worried about picking up the signal inside there.

    Would you try them in your JD tractor (if I recall it has an enclosed cab) and let me know if you can still pick up a good signal (if you haven't already tried)

    Thanks in Advance!

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