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    Let me lay the situation out. I have three hours budgeted for this job. 4 more to get to for the day. I have a policy against open invoices. (Sprinkler systems are never finished just brought to an invoice) Anyway I have a builder system I'm dealing with. In this 8' bed was one 4" popup with a turned down sidestrip. All the water was going into one shrub. Plant is dwarf youpons. A 12" popup might work but the sst would have to be turned down and I don't turn down nozzles. Don't have time to dig and add 3 more heads to do it right. SO I took out the head. Put in a 1/2 press reducer, marlex ell, RB gray 6 outlet manifold, off that ran 16 feet of 1/4" agrifim with .5gph emitters every 6". The zone runs 24 minutes once a week. They are allowed one day of watering/week in McKinney, TX. What are your thoughts? copout or best solution?


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    Another not too subtle marketing ploy..oops, wrong thread....not bad, those
    little pinhead beds are a bearcat. Are you going to check the application rate
    with the moisture meter?

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    McKinney is 24 miles from my house. Going out there is a pain because my next job is always 45 minutes away. No moisture meter on this one.
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    i suppose you cheese bag if thats the only POSSIBLE water you have on that side.
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    Coming from private (no class) ROTARD..that's quite a comment! Shows
    class.:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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