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    I have been lurking around the site for some time now with out becoming a member. The site has been a great resource and I would like to thank everyone for the reviews and advice I have received. I was hoping I could contribute and give something back. I am a firefighter/paramedic full time and do the lawn care on my off days (which seems to be a common theme here in Cincinnati).

    I have been doing lawn care since I was 13 YO and have finally decided to be the boss/owner. Most of my accounts are subcontracted to me by a much larger company although I have plenty of my own lawns. This has been a very good year/spring so far and I am happy to say that lately I have been turning undesirable lawns down.


    36 inch ExMark walk behind
    48 inch Snapper Pro walk behind
    52 inch Toro Grand Stand
    22 inch Toro Personal Pace (not commercial, but a great little mower)

    FS 110R
    FS 90R
    BR 600
    BR 380

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