Foam filled tires

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by weaver, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. rlitman

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    That may not be foam he was looking into.
    Another tire filling option (for larger machines where you want to increase the weight capacity), is to pour in the same material that bowling balls are made from.
  2. herler

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    Although not as cut and dry it's still 6 of one, half of the other...

    Assuming all else being equal...

    85 dollars for a never flat tire...
    Compared to say $25 for a regular tire...

    Leaves me $60 to PAY for all those times I have to pull out the repair kit and patch my own ...
    Lets say fifteen dollars in materials (one inner tube, glue and patches, per tire) leaves me $45 and it takes 20 minutes...
    So if I pay myself a $7.50 for every flat I get $22.50 an hour for my down time and...
    Don't think I've ever had a tire go flat this many times...
    But I can get up to 6 flats per tire before I lose out on my hourly labor rate a little.

    Yes, the difference in the money I did not spend on the never flat I am getting paid on the down time.
    Mostly because I never spent it.

    Once again we're at that same money cross-roads, but either way,
    some folks would rather cut more grass, but sometimes I like to sit on my ass.
    It's where I learn these things...
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  3. SRT8

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    Just a rough guess, I think each tire's extra weight would be like 100-150lbs more? so that would be an extra 400-600 lbs more for the skidsteer.
    The majority of the time we transport our Bobcat with our dump truck, its a lot easier to drive in heavy traffic.
  4. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    The dump helps! Lol! Just thought I'd throw it out there cuz my boss just has F550. He is only couple hundred below gvwr limit. If he foam filled tires he'd be couple hundred over weight.
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  5. Duekster

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    85-25 = 60 /6= 10.00 is your hourly rate?

    You forgot the client you did not get to that day and the next day is full too.

    Or the crew of 3 guys. If you like to sit on your ass, charge a good rate and hire some people to do the work for you.

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