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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Cuttinitclose, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Hello all. My name is Ian Foffel and i'm 15 and I've been in the business for 3 years this being my 4th. I will post pics of equipment and work here as well as some odd balls.

    My Equipment Lineup:
    John Deere 115
    Craftsman Walk Behind
    John Deere Trimmer
    Ryobi Blower/Vac
    3.5'x4' Trailer
    Craftsman Wheelbarrow/Trailer
    Hand Tools

    Services that I offer:
    Mowing, Trimming, Bed Mulching, Spring and Fall Clean-ups, Lawn Sweeping, Lawn Rolling, and Snow Removal.

    I know many of you will say that I need commercial equipment. So these are planned purchases for this year.

    2009 Shopping List:
    Stihl FS 90R Trimmer
    Stihl SH 55 Shredder/Vac
    Possibly a Stihl BR 550 Backpack Blower

    I know that my mower is not great but it was all I could afford when I bought it.I get my permit in Sept. and License in May 2010. So thats when I will expand and buy the major things. I plan on getting a GM truck or my familys Trailblazer and a my grandpas trailer. But I will worry about that when the time comes. So my plans for this year is make as much $ as I can and spend as little as possible. I also plan on having 3 other jobs as well as this. Pics below.(Hang with me it's my first time with pics:laugh:)
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  3. Cuttinitclose

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    Shop Pics


    What I can't fix here I have my grandpas to turn to.



  4. Cuttinitclose

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    I'm still switching to my mowing setup from winter plowing. Gotta put the deck on and get it greased already serviced it yesterday.
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    tell me how you have been i buisiness for 4 years with that equipment. and lastly define the term "been in buisiness"
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    Take care of it and service it regularly. The mower would last another 4 year probaly. Have been mowing for 4 years and plowing snow for 2. Hope that awnsers your question
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    ya, thats the stuff you use when you are starting out in this biz! many moons ago when i started, i cut a shopping plaza up in ohio with a crapsman 42in lawn tractor for the maintenance guy there. he subed it out to me to make extra money...that was my starting point. i even had the crapsman walk behind edger that broke every year..junk..but that was when i started and banked all the money and bought all commerical equipment after a few years. i did start out with stihl hand helds though, but up that money and if you are serious, buy that commerical equipment cuz it will last a long time then the homeowner stuff. i wish i started out that young! good luck man, take pride in your work, don't worry about the other guy and clean up that garage floor! lol
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    Thanks for the kind words. I will. HAHA
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    i like the tractor

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    i like how all the young kids say "i have been in business" lol it makes me laugh every time.

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