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    has anybody fabricated a trailer with slide in ramps to fold down ramps? I'm looking to purchase a new trailer and everything around here has slide in ramps which are not appealing to me at all. I'm looking for ideas on how to fabricate existing slide in ramps to become fold down ramps. I'm basically a beginner welder and have not worked with heavy duty steel yet, so is there a simply way to make these? I"m looking to buy a 7000 lb trailer to haul my compact ford loader on. Any ideas, pictures, drawings would be appreciated...THANKS!!! :waving:
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    Just take your ramps you have now and burn/drill a hole 1-3/8 in the ends, weld some short pieces of angle with same size holes to back of trailor, and slide a 1-1/4 steel rod through angle & ramps weld washer on end of rod. Sorry don't know how to post pics, but if you look at a trailor with fold down gates or ramps I think you will see what I'm talking about. It should only take an hour and around $15 -20 to do it, simple project, Had to do it myself.

  3. mulchmonkey2000

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    Thanks Mac, that's kinda how i was thinking of doing it. I'll have to go look at some trailers closer. :drinkup:

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