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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by d&rlawncare, Dec 24, 2006.

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    I submitted about 20 bids from Oct-Nov. Does anyone submit follow up letters?

    Dear So&So,

    Thank you again for considering XYZ for your lawn care needs. In order to provide high quality lawn care services XYZ will only be accepting a limited number of costumers in 2007. If you have any questions concerning the bid you recieved please give me a call. All bid proposals are to be signed no later
    than Feb 15th, 2007. SIgned me...

    Some background on me: The 20 or so bids I put out were all for small to med size apt complexs. I will only be part time and 2007 is my first year. I know I have alot of learning to do. Thats why I only plan to take 2-3 of these bids (if I am even lucky enough to get 1) and my goal is to start slow and provide good high quality service. The 2-3 I take will only take a full 8-12 hour day to complete.
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    Try in the future to ensure that there is a date in the bid that you must hear back by or ask on what date the bid will be awarded. We have all made the same error from inexperience. Don't sweat it. If no such date was stated you could call and ask when they will be awarded - or just wait.

    It can drive a person nuts waiting to hear something. If you don't get the bid something else (usually better) will come along!

    I think that you should only send a letter if you did not win the bid. Something such as you already wrote like "thank you for considering XYZ Mowing/ giving us the opportunity to bid/ etc." If you write a letter now you might seem desperate.

    People have to understand that are just so many hours in a day and you fill your schedule on a first come first serve basis.
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    I have kicked myself in the head so many times because I didnt put anything on the bid proposals. I can see what you are saying by seeming desperate. Thats why I wanted everyones opinions because I do not want to come off that way at all. Thanks for your opinion. In April I plan to send out letters to everyone I did not hear back from and thank them for considering me.

    thanks again

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