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    Well, we are still waiting on the city crew to install a 1" meter in the place of the 3/4". But I would like to go ahead and lay the heads out. I know that we did a faucet test and got around 13 gpm. So the gpm should be up around 16-17 gpm I'm hoping. The pressure is real good and should be even after we install the RPZ. So what do you think is a good spacing for the heads. I am leaning on the 5000 plus and if not them the pgp ultras??? I am going to say around 30'-34'...
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    Hoping ain't gonna cut it. Be sure before you start doing anything.

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    The spacing should be based on the site layout. I've never figured my spacing before I designed the layout. I know what my spacing parameters are based on an accurate pressure and flow analysis.
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    Double ditto what they said. If you want to chuck "30-34' " you better be spot-on.
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    Yea I knew I was going to get these answers and with good reason so I guess I will have to wait...Thanks!
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    I always liked to wire a house before the framing was done.
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    What is your static psi, line size & etc. I would go with the 5000. The spacing is mainly determined by the site but yes you can space a rotor 30'-34' with decent pressure/volume. I do sit down and rough design a system on paper before giving an estimate.
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    Thats kinda what i was thinking...Once they get it installed it will be a 1" line from the curb, 1" meter, 1" backflow, and 1" mainline probably all the way throughout...I do not know the static pressure but I do know that it is a good bit higher than mine(lived there for about 25 yrs.:laugh:) and I'm on a deep well with 45/65 or close to that....We are going on vacation next week and I was planning on spending some time drawing it up and laying out the zones. But if we cannot check the gpm to know how many heads to put on a zone before we leave all I can do is draw in the heads. :hammerhead:

    P.S. Once they get the meter in, I am planning on installing a liquid filled guage and a brass ball valve and do a bucket test to know exactly how many gpm we got and the pressure....
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    you'll need a big bucket
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    When builders try to rush me to install before the site is ready I like to say to them "you wouldn't paint the sheet rock before you hang it on the wall, so why do want to install sprinklers before the grade is set".
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