Food and work( lunch or break)

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by gusbuster, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. gusbuster

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    You know, all the time that i have been on this board, i really don't think the irrigation guys have ever talked about how you fill up your gut while on the job.
    I know some of you have to be like me and just get tired of eating cold food(specially now in this colder weather) I know a lot of you get tired of the BK, Mc Dee and Taqueria thing.

    Keeping in mind, some of us do get our hands dirty most of the day, What do you guys do?

    For the most, I am making the time to go back to office(nice thing about not having to driver too much for the work) using 1 appliance(its one of those all in one ninja devices) and spend a little time cooking various things and clean up all in a 1.5hr window. Yah, sometimes i skip lunch and have to do the 7-11 snack or fast food thing, but as I start to rust out, just trying to be on the healthier side of the food thing. Lets put it this way, i don't burn the calories like i use to.

    What do you other guys do for food on the road kind of thing.
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  2. Wet_Boots

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    Less food time equals more billable hours, so I tend towards packing sandwiches and apples and a thermos of coffee. It was diner lunch specials when I first was working the repair routes, but they could sit like lead in my stomach sometimes.
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  3. RhettMan

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    i like to eat where ever i am at the time, in that immediate neighborhood, repeatedly if I get the feel that its run by a dedicated manager.

    if we are in the old town, i like to visit a mom and pop grill, especially the ones that have been there for a while.

    if we are in the new urban, a like to find a taco truck from someone that probably woke up really early that morning in the center of old town and drove over to cater the construction crews.

    If i cant find a truck, we go sit breifly as possible in the bone chilling refrigerator that is MacTacoKing, and take turns cursing state of things.
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  4. Hayduke

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    Going out to lunch for us is a rare thing. Just eats way too much time out of the day no pun intended. Me and my guy(s) pack a lunch, usually some good stuff, sandwiches, leftovers, chips, salads, smoked meats. Boss (me) usually packs a cerveza or two. Boss gets to do whatever he wants!
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  5. 1idejim

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    Who you trying to kid, you work less than I do. :)
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  6. Optimal Irrigation Corp.

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    Used to pack leftovers from the night before. One year my old man came to give us a hand for a few weeks (he was an elementary school principal, not in the business or anything like that) and he wouldn't stop for lunch, said he never used to stop when he was a principal because he'd always have to be fixing one problem or another at school and never had time.
    So not wanting to watch my dad toil away while I was eating my lunch I started to work through lunch as well. I got used to doing it and now it's rare if I stop for lunch. Gets us home a little earlier too.
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  7. Hayduke

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    What's the point of skipping lunch? Might as well shave the fat off the bacon, pour water in your coffee. If I wanted to get home early so bad, I'd have somebody hide my keys in the morning.
    Had an Italian client a few years back on a large installation that took us over 6 weeks.

    Second day he tells us he wants to make us lunch the next day. It was a gourmet spread. Pasta Bolognese, fresh bread, some little fried shrimp things, and...a giant bottle of Chianti!
    This went on day after day for 6 weeks, and a few more small projects later on, different meal every day. He was a hobby chef and was always trying some new delicious thing out on us. Spoiled the crap out of me. Another landscaper who was short on hours for his guys at the time asked me if I could put them to work for a couple days. I told them not to bring lunch. They were floored.
    That's never happened again, but I occasionally dream about another Italian client while I'm eating cold food on a cold day....
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  8. Optimal Irrigation Corp.

    Optimal Irrigation Corp. LawnSite Member
    from Ontario
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    Didn't really say there was a point to it, I don't do it because I'm scared of gaining weight... just got used to it. Coffee as you drink it is mostly water and I'm not rushing to get home... it's just a by-product of not eating lunch.... or stopping for a break as the OP's thread was asking.

    However, if I were stopping for lunch it wouldn't be to pair fried shrimp with chianti, though I'm glad Italians are the same generous people where you are as where I am.
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  9. Wet_Boots

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    I had one client whose service calls were always scheduled for late afternoon, because he had a front porch that caught the late afternoon sunlight, and on that porch was a table with an open bottle of eye-tie red wine. [​IMG]
  10. rclawn

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    I know a guy who makes a bunch of food then charges his employees to eat it if they want. Don’t know if he takes them off the clock or keeps them on it
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