Foot assist deck lift on Lazer HP

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jaybee, Sep 1, 2001.

  1. jaybee

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    A friend of mine just bought a Lazer HP for home use. He asked me to come look and asked me what the pedal like attatchment was on the side of the deck. i told him that I have a full size Lazer and it was the foot lift for the deck. He told me to try his. I couldn't believe it. There was no way you could lift the deck with the steering controls in the usable position. The pedal was also so far back that no leverage could be gotten to lift the deck. My full size Lazer is a pleasure to use with this lift. Why is the HP so uncomfortable and non user friendly? Just want to hear from some owners to pass along the info to my friend. He's going to ask the dealer about it. I don't see how it could be installed wrong.
  2. mdb landscaping

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    i agree about the full size lazer pedal working great. i had one put on mine and i dont know how i wouldve done without it. im suprised to hear the hps is more difficult to use. im going to ask a few people i know with them and see what they say. maybe post something to the manufacturer in the other forum and see what he says.
  3. rdh

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    if you look in pro or,turf magazine for the husqvarna's add for there ztr model zth6125 you can see there foot lift .it looks real easy to make.and should work for all ztr's.
  4. rdh

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    i wanted to add this with my other replie .
    you could make one for both sides and you could have both connect and all lt would take is a few toes to raise it.

    i have a chariot so i dont have that problem but i use the foot lift alot to keep from scalping some uneven areas.
  5. bkd

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    I love the foot pedal on my Ferris. It is very handy when I need to raise the deck while going over a rocky area or other obstacles while I am mowing.
  6. customcut

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    Gravely mowers have hydrolic decks no pedals are a good thing ;)

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