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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by greeninga, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. greeninga

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    I maintain a highschool football in which I cut with a reel mower, fertilize, top dress, and areate.

    What are some pointers that I could use to have the field looking nice when the season rolls around.

    -Would a growth regulator make the grass thicker and greener??

    -Should I fertilize once a month? (I am supposed to 6 times)

    -Should I keep nitrogen on it once a month during the season to stay green?

    -Any tips???

  2. MStine315

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    I can't speak to Ga. turf (Bermuda?) but some of the things I do:

    --Use your field use schedule and work backwords when scheduling work. For example- fert. 10-14 days before the first home game to get it to peak in strength and color.
    --I fert. a little in spring and summer to maintain it, then "hammer it" in the fall-every three weeks. Use high K to build stronger cell walls, hence, stronger more durable turf. I use 13-0-44 (potassium nitrate) a lot.
    --Seed wear areas (between hash marks and 30's) before a game to let the players "cleat" the seed in.
    --aerate spring, summer, and then after the last game in late fall. If you do it "in season" use solid, mini-tines to minimize disruption.
    --I personally feel growth regulators have a place, just not in this situation. My feeling is, the faster the grass grows, the faster it recovers. Maybe you could use it in the off season to help reduce labor hours.
    Hope this helps,
  3. BSDeality

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    contact a local university with a Turf department and ask for some pointers there. Getting turf tips from someone in the northern end isn't going to help warm season grasses.
  4. John B Laidlaw

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    Also, subscribe to Spotsturf, Turf, Grounds, and to Landscape Superintendent magazines. They periodically go over warm and cool season turf care, show FOY"s and how to get your field to become one, and many other aspects of our jobs. They are great reference materials, easy to understand, and perfect for winter reading. I highly recommend them.
  5. greenhobb

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    Fisrt stop using that non organic fertilizer. Try terra foods I think its available in High Brige NJ. The soil after a while will lose all its benificial bacteria which needs to be replaced. Terra Foods is a soil amendment loaded with bacteria that will continually reproduce because its live, it will improve root mass by 30-40% and increase blade size alot. You will be amazed, you will see a difference after 8-10 days. Just do what the instructions say. I can get the name of the company if you want. I don't have it with me.

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