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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Blueflashturf, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Blueflashturf

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    well, it is right in the middle of football season here in South Carolina, and I need some help. I manage my schools fields and the football field has been just that until this year, the coach decided he wants to practice on it as well, I was shocked but have learn to live with it... 3 weeks in and 5 home games to go the turf looks rough, there are a few green spots but the majority is starting to look like its dormant, yeah its that bad. I have intensified the watering schedule hoping to help it heal and maintained the mowing/sweeping schedule ,but it hasnt seemed to help. Any Ideas? oh yeah, specifics.... Common bermuda, waters about 2-3 inches per week... practiced on prolly 3 hours per day.
  2. Drew Gemma

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    Starter fert and use a sand seed mixture try to get some germination. In the north we do a mini fert program once play starts we use half rates and strter fert plus we always over seed after each game seed is your best friend on a field.
  3. Blueflashturf

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    should I juice the turf pretty good with the fert? How strong is what im askin... how long of a turn around do I need because they practice everyday...
  4. Stillwater

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    Drew gave good advice, I will add increase mowing hight and a iron application continue water on a slightly increased schedule. Tell the coach if he wants a improved appearence for the home games stay off the turf. You are looking at 2 to 3 weeks for a turn around. With iron you will see improved greening on the non dorment areas within a few days after a good water in. dont over fert on a stressed lawn
  5. maintenanceguy

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    I've been in similar situations. Coaching staff abusing fields but expecting you to keep them looking great.

    I haven't got any advice for keeping it looking good under these conditions. But I do have advice for dealing with the coaches.

    When this becomes a problem with a particular coach, I send the coach polite memo outlining what we've done to take care of the field up to this point, What the field conditions were like before they started practicing on it, how the field looks now and how it is going to look if they keep abusing it.

    I cc the memo to the AD, superintendent, HS principal and anyone else that might be involved. Then I let them abuse the field. It's out of my hands and I'm not going to loose sleep over them ruining their playing fields. Usually the memo gets someone up the chain to pull them off the field. If it's the football field, the Superintendent of schools will want the field to look great on TV for the big Thanksgiving game so practice will be somewhere else.
  6. Blueflashturf

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    Thanks for everyones help, Maint... guy, thas somewhat of the stand I am taking on this, to better explain my situation, I am a high school seinior and played FB until this year because my eligibility was messed up , Now I am head of athletic grounds and a student coach. I guess that makes me ahead of my years .lol. I have a very healthy relationship with the coach/ AD and we talk daily about the field. There fore I know his level of concern. Regardless of our amount of care I think we all still would like to do what we can to make the turf the best, no matter the odds.
  7. maintenanceguy

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    I was in my 30's before I was in charge of the athletic fields. Frankly, I liked it better before I was in charge of the athletic fields.
  8. turfnh2oman

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    Agreeing with all of the posts regarding your conversations about "what to do" and it was said best as "there's nothing you can do".
    Do the best you can but don't let it keep you up at night.
    Unless the traffic and abuse is eliminated and recovery time is allowed it's a lose, lose situation.
  9. Blueflashturf

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    well I finnally took some pics of the field a couple weeks ago, mind you this is common bermuda so those stripes are hard to get... the week asfter that the stripes were actually deeper.I just kinda worked my but off and got it lookin good, kept it bout as wet as a swamp as well. Also I must say, I have no budget, only thing that has been applied is a post emer, to get rid of weeds in the spring greenup but other than that they wont spend any money.



  10. ThreeWide

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    Always good advice here, but you need to realize some do not manage Bermudagrass.

    A couple of things about Bermuda this time of year. It is not advised to apply significant Nitrogen after mid-September. But applying high Potassium during late Summer and Fall will toughen up your turf. You can certainly address that now.

    Since it is not advised to apply Nitrogen now, you can use lots of Iron to boost color.

    Increasing mowing height will not improve the condition of the turf, as its target height is 1 to 1.5 inches. While increasing height sometimes produces a greener appearance, the Bermuda develops an excessive canopy.

    Sounds as if the amount of water you are applying is excessive, but the amount you actually need depends on your soil profile.

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