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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by OSU 09, Jul 24, 2008.

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    We have been taking care of the athletic fields for the school district that we live in for 12 years now. The football field is our baby(high school football is very big here). Last year the field looked excellent, we won the pioneer paint fields of excellence award (pic below), but even with all the hours spent taking care of this field during the playing season and offseason, the quality is diminishing. It is becomming infested with annual bluegrass which is not heat or wear tolerant, and the crown in the middle of the field is now non-existent. This field has not been renovated and re-sodded since 1985. It is time for it to be re-done. However, we are always told by the district that there is no money. Hopefully this will be the year they say yes, and the tradition of excellence will continue.

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    Looks like you guys have done a great job on that field. If the school isn't able to come up with the money for renovation, you can topdress the middle of the field frequently. The goal would be to gradually restore the crown. Annual bluegrass is a tougher problem, the timing and the fact that football fields get a lot of use and damage in the fall complicate your problem.
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    I'm with Rtom 45, I dont have a large budget and top dressing the fields would be a good first step. One of the fields I took over took about 3 years but it has come back very well.

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