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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by meets1, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. meets1

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    Doing fall apps for high school, all three fields. Broadleaf and fertilizer...granular. Ideas on price?
  2. FdLLawnMan

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    Those are easy yo figure. You know the Sq. Ft. So you know how much you are going to apply. Figure out how long it will take and go from there. You better get cracking, fertilizer should have been put down already.
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  3. Landrus2

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    Cost of Materials per field would be from $250 to $400 depending on brand you go with.
  4. foreplease

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    My price For one granular application would be:
    ($377 + materials @ cost) x 120%
  5. RigglePLC

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    Trip charge, plus standard per application overhead charge. Then cost of materials, plus cost of labor, (as a cost per 1000 sqft). Then add margin (profit) to compensate you for the risk of being in business.

    Do not give them a low rate based on volume. The labor cost per 1000 sqft is the same as on a small lawn. The chemical cost per thousand is the same as on a small lawn. Its like gas--you don't get a discount for a full tank.

    Be sure to charge "machine time hours", if you use any equipment. This covers the cost of the equipment so that within 2 years you can buy a new one. Also, the fuel and maintenance of that equipment.
  6. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    Fertilizer down already? I have at least 5-6 days left. There is another crew that is much larger than 5 guys, 5 days a week, all liquid with ford and chevy 5500 trucks. They will spray till the first snow event - I have even seen them spray on top of snow. Football field I think I am at $337. I see the sheet right here in front of me. The other fields I need to look up on quickbooks what I charged.
  7. foreplease

    foreplease LawnSite Silver Member
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    I am finished with all spreading and spraying. Sometime Friday or later I have a football field to spot fill holes and spot seed. Last game is a freshman game tomorrow and with all the rain we have had I am certain it is going to look like they ran the ponies on it.

    My minimum charge is 2 acres for spreading or spraying. All my costs of getting there and back, set up, etc. are built into that. Subsequent acres are a lot less. I have written 3 lengthy posts on pricing if you are interested I will post a link.

    Good luck with the rest of your work.
  8. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    foreplease - I would be interested in reading your post or send me a link. Thanks
  9. foreplease

    foreplease LawnSite Silver Member
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    See post #4 here. There are 3 links to the different threads where I posted.

    I'm just one guy. Lots of people here have a good sense of this. I'm sure you do as well. I just wrote about some of the things on athletic fields for which I tried to get the thinking done and out of the way one time and upfront in a way I feel confident and comfortable with. I can't think about too many different things at once and prefer to think about what I am doing before and while I am doing it rather than doubting the price I agreed to do it for.

    Let me know if you have questions or disagree strongly with any of it. I am always trying to learn more about our craft.

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