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  1. dfor

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    I wear Timberlands. I've gotta have the ankle support for all the walking. I usually go through 2 pair per year. Thinking about going to steel toe this year.
  2. sunrise

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    We all wear L.L. Bean high cut trail boots they have a vibran rocker shape sole, there gore tex and cost about $100.00 and last a least a year. But until you break them in you will hate them after that your love them they also have a rubber toe guard
  3. GroundKprs

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    Lake of the Woods 8&quot; steel toe, crepe sole, $120-130. Won't be making this shoe any more, but should be avail thru summer. Go thru at least 2 soles a year, but never know that you hiked 20 mi a day for last 10 weeks. This is the most used shoe for concrete workers.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
  4. yardsmith

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    from Ohio
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    dittos on lazer's entry. I wear the hiking/work type shoe. Skechers have alot of nice footwear that is tuff- check them out. They're like an SUV version of footwear.<br> I look for mid tops with a waterproof edge at least 1-2 in. of the bottom side of the shoe. I also look for an aggressive tread. Helps on those wet mornings, & hills.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
  5. Toroguy

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    I ruin, I mean wear cheapie Wal-Mart deck shoes,no socks. Soak them in bleach once a week, and since they cost $9.99 toss'em after a month.It would be nice to have steel cleats to prevent those early dew wipe outs on hills.
  6. cutntrim

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    Outdoor/hiking crosstrainers with deep treads for grip on hills. They last one season (barely). Employees wear steel toe.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
  7. MOW ED

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    I wear Rocky Crosstech with Goretex. High top, steel toe but the goretex makes them breathe so no more toe rot. They are cool and don't feel like bricks. Lots of money at 185 per pair but they last and are waterproof also.
  8. cantoo

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    We cut some pretty steep hillsides so we wear baseball shoes for everything and never have to worry about slipping on wet grass either. They are nice and light and last along time. For one property I wear shoes with steel cleats because it is so steep. People laugh when they first see us until we tell them why we always wear them.
  9. Jay Raley

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    Mow Ed,<p>I was wearing Rocky shoes until this year. The company is closing it's plant in a little town called Nelsonville, Ohio (the only large employer in this town in the middle of Appalachia) and moving the plant to an island in the Caribbean. They are laying off the whole plant because it is cheaper for them (I'll bet that the prices of shoes won't come down with this little move). Really leaving these people hanging out to dry.<p>Just thougth I would pass that little tidbit along. I am boycotting them, myself.
  10. Mark

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    I purchased a pair of timberline pro 7-24 comforts, Yesterday i was wearing the left one and a house shoe on my right foot, so much for 7-24, I just hope when i get them broke-in i won't have to many bone-spurs. Last season i wore the hikeing boots, they were ok but went through 2 pairs in 3 months. So i hope these new ones work out, gym shoes slip to easy and don't do well with a vilke for riding.<p>----------<br>Mark's Mowing Service<br>

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