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    Here's a different one, but one we all deal with. I'm thinking of trying out those goofy looking plastic shoes called "CROX" for my irrigation wear. They breath, are light and very comfortable, and drain. I would wear them w/o socks of course. Anyone use these? Or, are wet feet inevitable? They would dry out at least. Only cost about $29.00. What say you?

    Thompson Irrigation, Marco Island, FL
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    I have CROCS but won't wear them at work. Try some Keens instead, or maybe Salomon Amphibians. I use both, and they both dry fairly well. I have about 5 or 6 pairs of shoes that I rotate to help keep the funk down.
    The above link has a pic of the KEENS, and more talk of what footwear is worn in irrigation. I personally need something easy to take off and put back on, as the shut off is usually inside of homes here, and also controllers.
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    in my 27 years I still haven't figured out the best shoes yet. My choice now are LL Beans. The kind with the rubber bottoms and leather tops. Slip on and slip off. my biggest problem is destroying the middle part of the sole on the left shoe on my shooter.
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    Worker's comp around here mandates steel toes. Wish I had a choice because I get tired of soggy socks.
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    They make good quality leather boots with a breathable waterproof lining (such as Goretex). I wear Redwing boots such as these and my feet stay dry even under the muddiest conditions. Perhaps there's a boot manufacturer out there that makes these with steel toes?
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    I think Dana has the secret. More than one pair of shoes. Rotate them so they dry out. I switched to these.........
    and I haven't regreted it. They aren't waterproof or even water resistent, but they will dry on your feet. I don't but probably should go back to steel toes, but.................

    Cablea's also sells a boot drier that works wonders. I bought two pair (one of each color) when I bought the above link. If I get soaked, I put the wet pair on the drier. Also, as per the instructions on the drier, I rinse and dry the boots every so often.
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    I have a lot of pairs of cheap knockoffs of those LL Bean 'hunting shoes' for the really-wet days of system openings, but I prefer multiple pairs of whatever cheap leather boots fit me. (usually K-Mart Texas Steer boots) - one side-benefit of the cheap boots is that some pairs have soles worn smooth, so I don't track any dirt indoors.
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    timberland steel toe hiking boots with a lower waterproof membrain. I have tried over 20 different boots and so far these keep my feet driest and are the most rugged. Plus when the sole breaks or splits send them back and timberland will give ya a new pair. Spend the money up front and you could actually get like 3 pairs of boots for the price of one
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    Timberlands are great. They're my cold weather favorite.

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