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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jlcare, May 7, 2003.

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    I am originally from Memphis and am seriously thinking about moving back to the Cordova/Bartlett area. This is my first year in business in Newnan, Ga, and I only have 16 contracts. I really miss my home and family up there. I know this is not a good time to start a business right now, may have to wait until next year. How is the biz up there? Seems slow down here but then again there are only a million guys down here doing this now. All my equipment is paid for, just need to be using it more. Any advice from you guys (65 Hoss) have in making this decision would be helpful. Thanks guys.:blob3: :blob4: :blob1:
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    I guess the limitations are over on that legal matter?:p :p :p haha

    Business is pretty good. I've heard people having it hard, but my UP numbers are huge. I sent you an email.
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    my only complaint with the season so far is rain!!!! having way too much; seems like it rains twice a week here, and the past 3 days it has rained. I can still work but i have to wait until it's dry....
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    started late into the season last yr and was quite pleased with the results that i got...a few dropped me due to getting someone $5 cheaper or the kid around the corner...several of them i wanted to drop anyway..taking what i learned last yr and from this site and applying it to my pricing and work habits and this yr is looking to be much better than last..come on up...we could use another pro up here..lots of grass for all of us..

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