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Orlando F.L.
going to look at a scag 56" monday or tuesday guy wants $1500 for it, don't know what type it is but it's a rider
1. where do i find the serial # on and how can i find out if it's stolen.
2. what should i look for , this will be my first rider and don't really know what to beware of.
any help you guys can give would mean a lot.

thanks mike m&t lawn care


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Flip up the seat an look around on the inside of the frame around the seat and engine, there should be a silver sticker around there. Write down all of the information model # Ser. # and anything else.

There is also a sticker on the right side of the deck with another serial and model number for that component.

I would also look for a sticker on the engine for those serial and model numbers.

The main one is the one on the frame under the seat, but I would write them all down then go to your local Sheriffs or Police Dept. to have the numbers checked for stolen.

If it all checks out clear, and you purchase the item be sure and write up a receipt with both of yours names, addresses, and drivers license numbers, the description of the item, for how much money and date it. You keep one copy and the other party should keep a copy.

Yes, its a pain but its for your own protection, if the person has a problem with your checking the numbers there is a big red flag.

I would not buy it if the sticker has been removed. Yea, the seller could say " humm, must of fell off from all the dirt and grease". Not likely, they are pretty tuff to peal off.

Shady Brook

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It must be a 52, as there has never been a scag with a 56. Hard to give you much info on the machine til you can tell us more about it, like age, model, condition, and other pertinant info.

Good luck