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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Jul 6, 2002.

  1. Joel B.

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    When you are mowing at a job, do you shut the door(s) and lock up the trailer or just leave everything open? I think it would be a pain to have to get off the mower and shut/open the doors all the time, but then again, what about the pain of something getting stolen.

    Just wondering what the big boys do.


    Joel B.
  2. When out of sight I see the guys around here close them but not lock them.
  3. wxmn6

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    When in doubt, just shut the doors. Better be safe than sorry.

    Does this mean that you bought an enclosed trailer? I must admit that it is a big and risky start for your business. You bought a new Chevy 2500HD to start out so you would not destroy your Tahoe. Don't forget that you also have a snowplow to buy, and you also would need several other equipment to keep your business running. You also will need to pay extra for insurance (auto and liability), maintenance, fees, expenses, etc.

    It is good for you to start your own business, but keep in mind that you should not expect to get alot of customers in your first few years of business. You will need to allow time for your business to expand to be able to make a decent profit. I am not trying to hammer you down, I am just trying to help you by warning you to be careful with your spending for starting up your business. Most of us start our own business small, with an used small truck, open trailer, used snowplow, new or used equipment. Then we build our own business from the start and that is when we would be buying new truck and equipment when we are making a decent profit.

    Good luck with your new business.
  4. beck

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    If it is out of sight it gets closed.
    If we will be away from it for awhile it gets locked, for example when we stop for lunch. Or if we have to run into a store it gets locked and nothing gets left in the truck bed.
  5. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    To wxmn6,

    Thank you for the advice. My wife and I spent many hours discussing this new "adventure" and while I see your point, we didn't want to go into business with old used equipment. The last thing I need just starting out is breakdowns. I know new equipment can break down but the odds of breaking down are much better with used equipment.

    As far as the truck, we needed a new vehicle anyway and with the extended cab it can be used as a family vehicle too. We got a good deal on it and since it is a heavy duty 3/4 ton the tax advantages are pretty nice. These trucks hold their value well (which is why the used ones we saw weren't that much cheaper than new) plus this truck can make us some money. We looked at used trucks, but this time it made more sense to get the new one.

    I wanted an enclosed trailer because an open one would not fit in my garage and wouldn't want to keep it outside with all my equipment on it. A enclosed trailer offers more security and weather protection for equipment plus it gives you an extra "shed" for storage in the winter. I would have been happy with a used trailer but I could not find any around here.

    We have always wanted to have a small business and after being laid off for over a year I needed to get something going and thought this would be a good time to give it a try. My kids can help out more and more and learn about running a business, it feels good to have a purpose again, we can afford it, the tax advantages are nice, this would not be our main source of income and my wife is all for it!!

    I'm not trying to get down on you, just explaining my thought process.

    Thanks again,

    Joel B.
  6. Jon99

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    Joel- I am kinda in your boat... Lost my job, tired of the political BS of corporate America and decided I wanted to start my own business.... I have not bought any equipment yet, but I plan on buying a new open trailer, one new scag mower (either a 52" WB or a Tiger Cub) and then a trimmer, blower etc.... I agree that if you are going to do this, go for it!!! Get that professional image from the word go and have reliable equipment..

    Do you have any accounts now???? I am going to wait until spring, in the mean time collect unemployment and work a few days a week mowing for another guy... Then after the first of the year start planning the business and see how many accounts I can get...And when I get some time, I will substitute teach a few times a week to suplement my wifes salary...

    Keep in touch, maybe we can exchange ideas...
  7. wxmn6

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    I completely understand your process for doing your business. You are right, with your new truck it will be a nice tax deductible. And with new equipment, there is much less chance of breakdown so it sounds like you are very dependable. Your future customers will really appreicate it and without a doubt keep you for years if you serve them well.

    With an enclosed trailer, it probably will help pay you for it faster than you would think because it acts like a giant moving billboard once you put your business ads on it. That will help start up your business better. With no place for you to put a trailer inside the garage, the enclosed trailer is the best way to go and it gives you a better feel of security.

    It sounds like you did a good job at researching and planning on your setup to start your new business. It would not be an easy start but after things get sorted out and you get good number of customers it should get better. Good luck with your new business. Hope that it would be an exciting experience for you and be safe!
  8. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    To Jon99,

    Thanks for the reply. I have about 4-5 people who have told me I can have their business when I'm ready. I'm still getting all the particulars sorted out. Working on insurance, flyers, business cards, equipment, signs for the truck, putting shelves/hooks/racks in the trailer, etc... There is a lot to getting a business up and running but it is exciting (and a little scary).

    This site (and have been invaluable to me; the wealth of information (and the willingness to share it) have been incredible.

    To wxmn6,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! It is kind of scary buying all this stuff (I'm still kind of shaking!) but as I always say "Do it once and do it right". I figure one can't really dabble in a small business so I am kind of jumping in with both feet.

    Thanks again to all,

    Joel B.

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