For all you MTL haters/doubters........

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. bobcat_ron

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    These are my tracks, rollers and idlers at 200 hours, if you've seen my work pictures and job descriptions, you know what I run my MTL through, gravel, rock, sand, dirt mixed with just about everything mixed in it, pavement pounding and yes, even demolition work in the aforementioned material(s).

    Left side:

    Right side:

    Top of track:

    Inside, no damage on drive cogs or roller sleeves:

    These pics are not to brag, but only to show the vast majority of "lurkers" that just because the negative feed back you hear and read about the Cat/ASV MTL's isn't always necessarily true.

    I was once lead into believing in a "Santa Clause" and "Easter Bunny", I know they don't exist, the Tooth Fairy is another issue, that dumb b*tch owes me money!
  2. AWJ Services

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    Imagine if you had a 11,000 pound+ machine using it under the same conditions what they would look like.

    All I see in the picture is by the time you get too 1000 hours you will need all new rollers.
    I sure hope they are cheap.:)
  3. J. Peterson Grading

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    But at 1000 hrs I trade mine in and get a new one.

  4. mrsops

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    ron dont you have that machine since november? all you have is 200 hrs on it
  5. bobcat_ron

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    Same here, even less in my case, I am praying Cat will have a direct swap out steel/rubber track undercarriage that we can just drop onto the torsion axle mounts, hook up the hoses for the drive motors and go!

    But keep in mind, there are machines called tank drills, these are monsterous drilling equipment with steel tracks and rubber coated rollers, one of the dudes that my brother employs has worked with these drills, and they just took the rollers off and had them capped with steel or just rubber again, no problems.
  6. bobcat_ron

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    Yeah, and? That is a huge amount for me, don't forget where the other 80% of my monthly income comes from.
  7. mrsops

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    o yeah i forgot about that but it looks like you will prob be in something else by the time you have to replace anything
  8. ksss

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    Well you were able to hit 200 hours. Hardly a testiment to durability. It all comes down to this for me. They took rollers and wrapped rubber around them then put that delicate rubber wrapped roller and put it in the dirt, rock, and sand at ground level. If it was a great idea you would not be seeing a CAT MTL (which they have marketing against since the release of the MTL, it will be interesting to see the marketing spin when that releases). You would also not see CAT rental park their own MTL's and use the VTS to lower expenses in their rental fleet. Certainly if your nice to it and you hopefully will get some hours out of it. It helps that you run in sand there mostly, as it appears from the pictures. That at least keeps the chunking to min. although probably accelerates other wear points. The system may work for you Ron as it works some others (DigDeep seems to be getting along fine) although at 200 hours you hardly can call that working for you at this point, you have not even hit your first scheduled oil change. Even at the low hours the wear is evident.

    I will now and will always maintain that if you are able to do things with this machine that you cant with other less delicate systems and your getting paid accordingly, you have the machine you need. Your covering your expenses and making money on top of it. Thats the idea.

    How many applications can this thing do that others (CTLs) cant? . Once CAT gets the CTL on line, these machines will be a rarity among tracked buyers. They were designed and built as a niche specialty item that should never have been sold as the answer to all tracked applications It should have been left to a small company like ASV to fill.

    CAT will obviously provide this as an option to those that want it and want it in CAT dress until their agreement expires. They will then, I predict, drop this entirely. It is not a machine for most all applications like a CTL, and that point is now widely known and accepted even by CAT. Blair Products is making a killing off this marketing and sales blunder by CAT. CAT to their credit is getting off the MTL only train before they alienate more tracked skid steer buyers. Cat sells machines to guys that run the spectrum in dirt applications, most not MTL friendly. Since CAT only had the MTL to sell until recently, it became the hammer for every application. ASV, smaller company, more specialized and in theory anyway more knowledgable about their system is in a better position to sell their machine into the right application. Also the ASV although lightly built compared to the CAT machines seem to be a better design than the skid steer chassis used by CAT for MTL applications.

    One last question, 200 hours in a year how do you justify that machine?

    The word according Shane
  9. ksss

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    Dude, you have not seen a paycheck since early Spring. Do you know where the other 80% comes from? It works out to an average of about 10-20 hours a month depending on when you actually got it. I thought it was last Summer, but maybe it was in November. That is a poor ROI no matter how you slice it.
  10. wanabe

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    I thought one of the big issues was the bearings? Did you check end play?

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