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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Turf Troll, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Turf Troll

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    This was sent to me and I thought I share, no one is trying to sell a service it's just info on the most current seo.


    a virtual quorum of the top 37 minds in the SEO business. It's a list of 35 factors that make up, in Fishkin's estimation, 90-95 percent of what Google's algorithm is looking for when determining rankings.
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  3. mdvaden

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    The factors such as site age, or page age, is one reason I've never changed the URL of some of my pages, even though I'd prefer another name.

    Like, my design page ends with /design+restoration.shtml, but I'm not changing it to /design.shtml, because the former, is a few years old now and has been recongnized over that period of time.
  4. Turf Troll

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    My first site is my landscape business site, butt ugly compared to other sites. Just text. But I've worked it hard so all my keywords are in great position for a Google search. Twice I have tried to make significant changes and could not find the site in a Google search for any of my keywords. Since 95% of my new(non-referral) business comes from the web I had heart palpitations when I couldn't find my site. I switched the work I had done back and the listings came back in about two weeks.

    My lesson over I am working on a new site for my landscape business.
  5. topsites

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    I understand, but I don't have a spare lifetime to invest in studying someone else's contraption... It's not that it's a total waste of time, but to stay on top of SEO sure appears to be... I studied the nonsense long enough to come up with a method that works for me, and that's how I build my site(s).

    Because much beyond standardized code and optimized images, a basic navigation system, a simple design and a solid amount of organized content, there's not that much else can be done, it's best to leave well enough alone after a bit and let the engine owners worry about it.

    It is something I spend a few hours / year on, sometimes a few changes can and do make a world of difference, but I also don't lose but so much sleep over it :)

    I will say a detailed statistics program integrated into the site does help.
  6. mdvaden

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    Your comment sounds a lot what I wrote on my purpose for a website page where I compared the search engine results race to the gold rushes.

    I maintain rankings because I've got them, but wouldn't chase that angle if I was starting from scratch.

    In fact, I don't persue it very hard these days either. It did take many hours to get to the top in the first place. That's why I wouldn't really want to repeat the adventure again. If I got there having fun writing, fine. But not as a competition.

    It really makes sense to have a site that looks decent, fits the owner's style, and is reasonable enough for tags and content to get found if someone is looking for it. Kind of like a big internet business card with some information tacked onto it.
  7. jagan

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    But in that way you can not get traffic from internet, i do agree with solid contents, but at the same time, you need Good Link Popularity of your website as well as Good Internal Link Structure, rest the search engine can do!
  8. mdvaden

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    One industry guy, outside the lawn care, started another tree forum.

    He may be worth watching, because he seems to have a good grasp on implementing these current trends, many listed in the article. He's more "religious" than most about applying the latest and greatest.

    He's made a another site for his own arborist work, and at least one other site for someone else, too.

    Anyway, his business site, and the others that he's tinkering on, may be good patterns and prototypes.
  9. topsites

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    I am thinking like mdvaden, it's not that I'm beyond or against achieving that position, but I also realize I can invest a lifetime into it and still find myself up against a wall of unsurmountable competition. It gets to a point I feel we're just building a Tower of Babel here, no matter how high you get, you still never get a million hits / month just from the engines and one can sink labor hours and dollars into this blackhole to no end... It's a little bit like advertising in the real world, you get your calls to be sure, but beyond the initial burst the site has to keep visitors coming back, it is the return visitor or the regular customer that eventually makes up 90 to 98% of the site's traffic, at least if the site provides enough in the way of content and / or usefulness.

    By all means do tweak, study the results and gain a little more if you can, I've learned a few tricks that work for me and they seem to have proven themselves over time... Nothing mysterious or any big secrets, it gets me a little ranking and sometimes a tweak can give me another notch on the totem pole, but again it's just not something to lose too much sleep over, right now I'm happy if I get 15-20 visitors / month to my site via the engines, 50-100 and I'm jumping with joy.

    As a portal owner, I can also offer the insight coming from someone who sees first hand the effect an unnatural or undeserved ranking has on visitors. I am not saying that without optimization you will achieve the best ranking, but I am saying that irrelevant results drive the engine's visitors away, so in the long run those who accidentally or otherwise cheat hurt themselves... I do feel thou that as Lco's we are somewhat exempt from hurting ourselves too much, if for no other reason than we are running a legitimate business, should we accidentally or otherwise achieve a bit too high a ranking, at least we're not peddling snake oil <- that by far is a visitor's biggest turn-off, the scam sites, which, any unnatural result can be frustrating, but...

    My best recommendation, and what has worked for me, is to let the site achieve a ranking on its own, by studying stats and getting some links back, then tweaking a little according to what happens - This, for me, has given far better results than attempting to predict the visitor's queries, as I almost always find the actual keyphrases being used to find my site a far cry from whatever I had envisioned, regardless of experience this unpredictability seems to be the case with engines.

    In addition, following the visitor rather than leading first helps cement what is already there, second it helps carve out that niche, those special key words or phrases that work for your site and yours only, at least in my case this again has proven invaluable, to the point where most SEO information to me has become useless, if for no other reason than my site eventually stands out on her own, and I feel that is the way it should be.

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