for fall cleanups would it be acceptable to just use brown bags?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by beaver_canoe, Sep 17, 2011.

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    i am thinking about just going around and offering people to blow their leaves into piles and fill brown bags. the city comes and picks them up. i am reading here about people tarping them and taking them away, does it matter if i just bag em and leave em for the city? is it unprofessional or something? to me it doesnt really make sense to remove the leaves if the city will do it, unless im missing something. thanks
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    Depends on the volume that you plan on dealing with. If its low volume (very small yards) then you could vacuum them up somehow and then dump into the brown bags. If you are talking 1/5 acre lawns and up its cheaper and faster to haul way without the use of bags. Plan on spending alot of time fooling with bags.
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    Thats what I use personally. Don't have a truck to haul to haul them anywhere.

    Unprofessional? Well you don't see any "professionals" doing it. But you gotta do what you gotta do.
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    Update your profile so it gives a location its a lot easier to help you if we have a clue were you are working from and what conditions you would have there. That said I wouldn't / couldn't do that but I can understand when your small if that makes the most sense. If your likely to make a whole 2-5k and that's probably being generous for a start up in this economy then its far cheaper to bag them then buy the equipment I use. So do what you need to to get your company started and to learn the fall clean up trade of the business. I have done the math before on the leaf vac and when you work out the worn out hoses, liners, impellers, engine not to mention the wear and tear on the leaf truck and box. It came to over 60 dollars and hour my cost to run the leaf vac. They are a must but man do they cost you in repairs and upkeep plus labor plus fuel.

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