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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CharlieBingo, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. CharlieBingo

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    You seem very knowledgable so my ? is. I have a lazer Z with a 25hp Kohler could I replace that with a 31hp Briggs Vanguard? Both horizontal shaft any idea? Thanks in advance.
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    As you can see, I'm not fixer67 but I think I can help you on this. It really depends on the diameter of the crankshaft and how the engine mounts to the mower. You would have to drill new holes for the Briggs because i'm sure the holes would not match up with the Kohler. I'm not really sure what the diameter is for the cranks but i'm pretty sure they are not the same so you would have to find different size pulleys to fit on the shaft. If you would like to hear from fixer67 you may have better luck posting this in the mechanic and repair forum. Hope this helps.
  3. fixer67

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    Well as you have been told shaft shaft is one thing but how about the engine size? Is the new engine going to fit without hitting something. And electric system will need to be re-worked. Kohler and Briggs use differant style electirc systems. Re-working the electric system will not be too much to worry about just though I would include that. Your biggest problems is going to be matching the shaft and having the room you need to mount the new engine. You may need to drill a few new holes here and there. I am not sure but I am thanking the 31HP B&S is water cooled, if so then you have that to add in which could cause a few headaches but still if you have the room it stilll should be able to be done. I will have to check about that water cooled deal on the 31HP.
  4. fixer67

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    I most have been thing about another engine, This one is air cooled. Below is a cut and paste from B&S

    The New Vanguard™ 31 HP Air-Cooled V-Twin Delivers Optimum Power & Performance

    The leader in air-cooled gasoline engines has powered it up once again with the industry’s FIRST 31 HP Air-Cooled V-Twin. This highly productive powerhouse is ideal for a broad range of commercial applications and delivers all the performance advantages you value most.

    Powerful Performance

    V-Twin/OHV technology offers superior balance and low vibration, which saves wear and tear on components and equipment.
    Robust 895 cc (54 cubic inch) displacement.
    Increased horsepower-to-weight ratio contributes to engine efficiency, reduces compaction and makes handling easier.
    Innovative intake and exhaust system results in a quieter-running engine.

    Rugged Durability

    Advanced Debris Management System allows the engine to run cleaner and cooler, which enhances durability and performance. Components integrated into this innovative system include:
    Rotating steel screen that aggressively chops debris and chaff into smaller pieces which easily pass through the engine’s cooling system.
    Labyrinth between the rotating steel screen and blower housing helps to prevent debris from entering the engine.
    Cast iron sleeve assures longer engine life and improved oil control.
    Industrial grade solenoid shift starter assures quick, reliable starts.
    Replaceable steel/aluminum bearing construction.
    Five-inch centrifugal multi-stage industrial air cleaner provides maximum engine protection, especially under dirty and dusty conditions.
    Large-volume muffler with specially baffled chambers minimizes noise.
    Buyer Protection Package that provides the peace of mind of a two-year limited engine warranty, plus a lifetime Magnetron® ignition warranty.

    Increased Productivity

    Full-pressure oil lubrication system with spin-on filter works to keep oil cleaner, which reduces maintenance and extends engine life.
    Low oil consumption for longer running times between scheduled maintenance.
    Foam pre-cleaner traps large debris before it can clog the filter element and rob the engine of needed air.
    Low fuel consumption results in less frequent refueling stops.
    Low noise and smooth-running operation help to maximize operator productivity by minimizing fatigue.

    31 HP Specifications
    Displacement: 54 cu. in. (895cc)
    Horsepower: 31HP (gross) @ 3600 RPM
    Torque: 48 ft-lbs.
    Cylinder: Cast Iron Sleeves
    Bearing Type: Replaceable steel/alum (withstand 500 lbs. inward thrust)
    Starter: Solenoid Shift Starter
    Crankshaft: 1 1/8” dia. w/ 1/4” Keyway and 4” Extension; up to 1 7/16” dia. and 4.5” Extension
    Oil Pressure Switch: Available
    Air Cleaner: 5” Centrifugal multi-stage
    Muffler: 5” round; Three-position outlet; Guard
    Carburetor: Internal vent; Float feed; Two-barrel; Fixed main jet; Adjustable idle; Afterfire solenoid; High-altitude provisions
    Alternator: 20 Amp @ 3600 RPM; optional 20/50 Amp Alternator
    Lubrication: Full Pressure
    Emissions: Meets CARB/EPA regulations
    Weight: 122 lbs.

    Vanguard engines labeling note: Vanguard engines featuring the new Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power logo will be available after July 1, 2003. For a period of time, Vanguard engine shipments will contain a mix of red B&S logo labeled engines (from inventory) and yellow B&S Commercial Power logo labeled engines (from production). Please contact your Briggs & Stratton sales representative for full details.
  5. fixer67

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    I pulled this off the Briggs web site, it is a CAD drawing from the front and side of the 31HP

    B&S 31HP front view.gif

    B&S 31HP side view.gif
  6. CharlieBingo

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    Thank you so much for the help. I love the Vanguard series and to put that 31hp on my Lazer would be awesome! I'll check out some dimensions and hopefully it can work.
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  8. green acres lawns

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    The factory is using bigger pumps and wheel motors with this engine as well as a much stronger frame to handle the extra torque.
  9. sawman65

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    it wont work been there and done that. i am an exmark dealer been selling exmarks for 13 years and have allready looked into that swap it wont work
    mount's are diffrent and the frame on the lz 25 kc 604 wont hold up you can put the 27 hp kohler on that unit

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