For getting thru small gates


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In my opinion, every fence installed should have a eight foot wide gate in addition to the smaller one.

Problem solved.
a double gate that maybe you dont use much and a man gate.
sometimes i build them so its a 48" swing off of a 36" swing where the 48 has a j bolt, so basically you use the 36 all day every day and the 48 if/when.

AS long as you can get a 48 in the back yard you're good to go.


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In my opinion, every fence installed should have a eight foot wide gate in addition to the smaller one.

Problem solved.
At the end of my driveway, there's a chain link fence where the back yard starts.
When we had the fencing installed, I had them put a gate about 8' wide that just appears to be a section of fencing with a 36" gate that connects to it.
Made it easy to park our camping trailer in the back when desired, or getting the truck into the back if needed.

That said, that's a pretty cool, old mower.


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you know what I like to do about getting through small gates?

install a larger one or refer someone else
Had numerous people over the years change their gates. I need to get what I need to use back their or find someone else.

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Lawn guys get it when it comes to the gate situation! We go overkill just in case. I had an older customer back in the day who had a larger back yard that I could get a 34" walk behind Gravely mower in. He told me after mowing one day that he was installing a new wooden fence and gate. I was young and didn't know better, so I assumed he would at least keep the same width. I didn't say, you know, you should consider widening the gate. Well, came back the next week, and sure enough he put a gate just wide enough to fit a 21" mower. I remember cursing under my breath, and simultaneously realizing he was about to be dropped after the mow. Thick, well fertilized and irrigated bermuda in a large backyard does not mix well with a mulching Honda HRC 21. It took me damn near 45 minutes to mow that back yard that day, when I used to do it in 20. I had a 60" mower that I mowed the smaller front with in about 5-6 minutes. It felt absolutely stupid to have that 60" sitting on the trailer and pushing a Honda back there. It was just as much my fault for not speaking up, big lesson learned. Gates matter!

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