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    For my 200th post I guess I'll tell the forum about myself.
    I am a 28 year old father of 3 boys and step(only)father to a little girl. I found the woman of my dreams on myspace 2 1/2 years ago and we were married on 7-7-07 lol. I am a little intimidating I guess. I am 6'5" about 260 lbs and not flabby. I wear my heart on my shoulder at times and if I don't like you... I will tell you. I am a specialist when it comes to lawn and landscape chemicals... no one for 100 miles has all the licenses I have. I started this business in January of 08' hoping it would take off then... I am glad it didn't because I wasn't ready. I did $6k gross working 4 hours a day on fridays last year... This year, I am already contracted over $35k and I have already hiread a helper for fridays on my biggest account. Yes I am insured and I will have comp insuance. I love to fish and I have a boat 70 h.p. 17' lowe hustler pro, I love to hunt.... My wife wont let me buy the gun I want lol. I love working outside, and am physically alergic to the cold.(called cold urticaria) I used to be a full time craps dealer at the Par-A-Dice hotel casino in East Peoria, IL... Thanks to gov. oh haha ex gov I was laid-off in august of 2003, thanks to him though I would not have had a lawn business if I was still working there. I have been a mechanic, a steel worker and salesman, I worked in fast food and in management. This is my sixth year in lawn care and I will never retire. I don't know what else could be interesting about me, I guess ask if you want to know anything else. And if you think you can hang with me for a day of work, My guys make $15 an hour and I'll pay you that.... if you keep up... lol Thanks for reading.
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    Congratulations on finding the woman of your dreams. I would say that is the most important part of any ones life. Looks like you have things going your way. Hope all goes well. I'd take you up on working for you for a day just to see if you could keep up with someone twice your age. Just kidding. Wait no I'm not. But all kidding aside. I hope you have a great season and I hope to talk sometime in the future. David
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    Thanks J&D

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