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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Victor

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    Hey guys. I'm still getting new customers and was wondering when guys in zone 5 (Columbus, OH) it's too late to start a new customer out on the 1st step? My thinking is that it's too late already and that I should be starting them out on step 2 of my 5 step program. Thanks in advace.

  2. Runner

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    It all depends on what your "first step" is. Also, on what step 2 is.
  3. James Cormier

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    No Vick, keep selling round 1 ( Prem or dim. I assume) I sell round 1's up to late may.

    I just explain limited crabgrass control once you go into May, or I just sell them my 2nd crab option and spray with acclaim in mid june.

    My apps are 42 day apart,
  4. TSM

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    zone 6 here
    we sell round ones right thru May using dimension. And as mentioned, we do discuss that control over crabgrass might be limited, or sell them an additional post emergent control
  5. turfsurfer

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    Hey Vic, was that you I saw pulling into my neighborhood in Picktown Friday night about 7:30? I'm thinking you're Par 5. I was heading out with the wife and kids or would have stopped and talked. I'm getting ready to start my weed spraying round but would still put down Dimension for just a little longer with a warning of limited control. In about a week, I would recommend just waiting a few weeks and I would catch them at the beginning of round 2 with another dose of Dimension. If you're going to be in that area just please do us all a favor and don't cave in to the lowballer syndrome. We have enough of that already but there is still plenty of business on the high end if you can show you're worth it.
  6. I would think you have plenty of time before crab germinates, since the soil temps here, zone 7 , just reach germination temperatures.
  7. Victor

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    I was wondering how you guys would handle it. Turf Surfer, that WAS me that you saw. I had been out all day mowing and when you saw me, I was heading to a new fert & squirt customer's house to have her sign our service agreement. What kind of rates are the high end guys charging around pick town? I normally charge a $20 stop fee plus $3 per M per app.

  8. turfsurfer

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    Vic, sent you a pm.

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