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For Sale: 2003 Exmark Lazer Z 60" 27hp Liquid Cooled

I have a 2003 Exmark Lazer Z 60"... Its a 27 hp Kawasaki liquid cooled. These are the ones with the radiator and water pump on it. Supposed to last til 3000 hours before a rebuild because it runs cooler. It has 885 hours. and all the spindles are new. This mower runs and cuts great. The only reason that I am selling it is because I am buying a new one with government discount (thanks to a great new account) The dealership says that I should ask $6000.00 for it because the liquid cooled ones were close to $2000 more new. I NEED TO SELL THIS. Make me an offer. Please call my cell 616-437-0507 because i am never on here!


LawnSite Senior Member
Do you have extra blades or anything for it?
I cant see spending $6000 on this when I can get a 2006 model (not liquid cooled) for just over $7000 with a full warranty. But it looks like a very nice mower.

Guzman Properties

LawnSite Senior Member
Middlesex, NJ
Why don't you get rid of it when it gets closer to 3000 hours?