For Sale!: 2004 Swisher 60" trailing/offset mower

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    This is a 2004 Swisher brand 60" cut 13hp electric start tow behind mower. The hitch can be set to tow straight behind a 4-wheeler, golf cart, tractor, etc. Or you can pull it behind your riding mower with the hitch offset to either side, to add 4 1/2' of cut to your machine! This machine is also terrific for mowing under pine trees and other low branch trees. It would be ideal to drag along a pond bank behind a 4 wheeler or tractor as well. If you mow with a tractor now, with this you can trim around trees like a zero turn, without having a zero turn mower to pull it with.

    I traded for this about a month ago, from a neighbor of mine. I didn't have much use for it, but figured it was easier to sell than what I traded him. I tried it out on a couple properties, and it is really useful at one property in particular where there is a LONG line of pine trees, and we mow the back 2 acres every other week. This mower cuts and discharges really nice, much nicer than I had expected. It mulches the clippings really great as well. The cut quality is up there with anything else I've seen, and it never scalps either. It has lots of power to slice through tall grass like that every other week yard as well. Its really ideal for large open areas, or trimming under low hanging trees. To be honest, if you don't have 2 acres or more (unless its all wide open, anything less than 2 acres you won't see much time savings due to extra maneuvering.)

    This is a niche machine. Not for everyone. its not the be-all, end-all for everyone. Its available for demo at my shop property (3 acres) or at that customer's property as well. I have a tow hitch on my Ferris Z (for sale right now) you can try it with.

    The mower has a new battery, it is electric start. Comes with extra set of blades, like new (current blades are not worn much either). Great running machine, runs like new and is only a year old. These sell for $1500 in my town. I'm looking for $1000 cash to give it a new home.

    Will try to post pics in the next day or two.

    If you are serious about this machine, please email me at and we will talk.

    Delivery or partial delivery is a possibility, if very far it would require extra money.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest!
    Eric Canady

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