For Sale 94 Ford F150 XLT Extended cab w/ Western Plow

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bigman2006, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. bigman2006

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    I have for sale a 1994 Ford F150 XLT extended cab with a 7.5 ft Western Uni-Mount plow 124,000 miles with remote start after market cd player. I bought the truck and plow last year around this time from an older gentleman who bought the truck new in 94 and then later on put the plow on for his private driveway. still have the original window sticker and all books. He purchased the plow new from Hoekstra a local company and was professinally installed.The guy used the plow only to do his private drive and friends n family and often unhooked the plow before he took off for work. Overall the plow is in good condition and works great. When i purchased it last year i sand blasted it and put a new coat of paint on it and changed the hydraulic fluid and new plow markers. The TRUCK itself is in good condition. the guy put new BF Goodrich A/T Tires(less than10,000 miles) on it with new shocks in the back and heavy duty ones in the front. Since ive baught it i had the transmission lines redone and new tie-rod.trucks has that deep gurgle sound so theres a exhaust leak sumwhere but doesnt affect the truck at all. Has the big V-8 5.8L runs strong 4X4 works great. comes with tonnue cover and bed liner in the back sliding rear window. has reese hitch. Inside interior is gray and in decent shape NO rips or tears but your normal wear and a few stains.only problems is the a/c isnt all that cold which i didnt really care beacuase the heat works GREAT which is all you need plowing. and it has the dual gas tanks and the back one is rusted out which again didnt bother me with high gas prices i only used the front tank anyways. check engine light comes on after a while but got it checked and its becuase of the exhaust leak. Overall the truck is an EXCELLENT work truck and great for plowing. The only reason i am selling is beacuse i have saved some money up to get a newer bigger truck. Any other questions feel free to call 616-520-5030 (leave a message if i dont answer)Price is$4500. I have pictures of the truck and plow i will be posting sometime tomorrow.truck is for sale locally too. Im located in Grand Rapids, MI.
  2. bigman2006

    bigman2006 LawnSite Member
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    took some pictures of the truck today but cant size them down small enough to post on here so just post or send me ur email address n ill send the pics too ya!
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    you can't post an email address, so if they are interested, they can give you a call since you had posted your phone number in your original post - or you can send me your pics and I will see if I can resize for you and post -

  4. bigman2006

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    here are some pics of the truck i took today. plow is at my buddys house and will get pics of that soon.




  5. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    My friend is very interested, pm sent!!!
  6. bigman2006

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    i dont think i have enough posts to PM yet so i cant get ur message. tell ur friend to give me a call n i can give ya my email or answer any more questions. forgot to add that i just put new brake pads in the front last week and should have some pics of the plow commin soon too.

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