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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by beyondupnorth, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. beyondupnorth

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    For sale 853c series, 58 hp Isuzu diesel, 2300 hrs, flat couplers, Backhoe hooks, counterweight kit, block heater.
    New water pump, alternator, muffler, recent bobtach pin and bushing work, new battery, rubber 90%, recent paint, and all oils changed. No cracks or repairs or cracks. No major engine or hydraulic repairs. Top and back windows are on the machine now, as are the backhoe hooks. Machine has @100 hrs since photos taken but is very much in the same condition. Couple minor paint scratches. Good cool weather starter, runs perfect.
    $15,900 cdn.
    Also have several used attachments and tracks that i would consider selling
    Needs nothing but to be put to work.
    Located near Fort Frances, NW Ontario, :canadaflag:
    807 482-1215




  2. Lawnworks

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    from usa
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    What is the roc? What attachments do you have? What is 15.9 in us?
  3. beyondupnorth

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    Roc is 1700 lbs, not sure what the counterweight kit adds but likely 1800 or 1850 with counter weight. It will lift 68 sheets of 7/16" osb with ease. Comes with a 66" smooth bucket with bolt on edge

    I have a 909 bobcat backhoe, 9' dig depth, toothbar, pallet forks, 66" & 96" snow buckets and a 9' power angle snow blade. steel ott tracks.

    US money is curently worth @ 15% more then Canadian


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