For sale: Burkeen b30 **new engine**

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by ISI936, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Lets start with the shipping.... That weight should run about $200.00, if the rear end were strapped to a pallet and shipped freightline, (truck) to Nashville, Tn.

    So I guess it would be under $2000.00.......

    Next, what do you want for the rear-end? It would involve jacking it up, blocking the rear of the machine, removing the rear tires, unbolting the fuel compartment & removing, unbolting the rear end from the frame, removing the drive yoke bolts, securing the rear end on a pallet and dropping it to a shipper.
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    I am interested in the Burkeen B-30 . Do you still have it? call me at 918.720.4294 . What condition is it in, is functional now?
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    I need the boring moter for the b30..u can call or text me @910-934-0038

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