For sale: Gmc 6500 / 10' boss v-blade / 1000 gallon high output liquid unit


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I have for sale a 1999 GMC 6500 with a 10' Boss V-Blade and 1000 gallon high output liquid unit.

Lets start with the truck

1999 GMC 6500
- 25,950lb GWVR
- 101,xxx miles
- 7.4L gas
- Automatic Transmission
- Hydraulic brakes
- 14 foot electric contractors dump bed
- Dual batteries
- 145 Amp alternator custom fabricated to fit the truck for the accessories (105 standard)
- Tires are 80%
- Bench seat
- AM/FM Radio
- Recent work includes newer exhaust, fuel filter, and the basics of a oil change.

10' Boss V-Blade

- 3 years old and looks like it is brand new
- Cutting edges have years of life left with formed curb guards and center
- Has joystick controls but would be willing to swap for a new handheld

1000 gallon liquid de-icing unit

- This is a high output unit of 38 gallons a minute
- Powered by a Honda gas motor
- Banjo pump
- 3 zone solenoid with in cab controls
- Has sidewalk hose port
- Spray bar has turret nozzles of 3, 2, 1 gpm and 2 side nozzles
- Spray bar can apply 2 lane roadway at 25 mph and do its job with one pass.
- Has 600 gallons in the tank. System can be demo'd then washed out.

This truck is a beast with the setup. Regarding the sale, I am selling it as a full set-up package.

I am asking $20,000 ($12,000 truck $4500 plow $3500 liquid unit)


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truck alone bottom dollar? and is this liquid setup convertable for lawn spraying applications? what type of pump?
12k for the truck is the bottom dollar. Its not worth selling for less. It honestly is a great truck with the specs.

The liquid system is set-up for sidewalk applications and I would see no reason why it could not be used for fert applications.

Banjo pump. 3" inlet and outlet