For Sale: Toro HydroJect 3000 Aerator

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    This Toro HydroJect 3000 has only 281hrs, and comes with the high pressure hose pictured. It was a municipal unit with excellent maintenance and is in great condition. These are ideal for golf courses, baseball infields, and personal lawn care as well. The HydroJect 3000 virtually causes no surface disruption nor any significant damage to turf. The field/course will be ready for play immediately after treatment. Replacement cost on these is over $25,000. Asking only $2650. Call 208-860-8801.

    Product Details:

    High Velocity Water Injection
    Multiple Space Settings
    Minimal Surface Disturbance
    Simple Operation

    Engine 24 hp OnanĀ® Fuel Capacity 10.5 gallons, Ground Speed 0-2 mph, Transport Speed 0-4 mph,
    Aeration Spacing 1.5", 3.0", 4.5", 6.0", Aeration Width 33", Aeration Depth up to 8", Height43", Length 96",
    Width 63", Weight 1,150 lbs.







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