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For Sale:

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by jschu13, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. jschu13

    jschu13 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 20

    The trailer and broadcast spreader have been sold.

    I have the following equipment still for sale (see my previous 'For Sale' post for pictures of this equipment):

    Encore Prowler Front Cut ZTR:
    - 65 hours; excellent condition
    - 61" flip-up deck
    - 25 HP Kawasaki, air-cooled engine
    - Comfort suspension seat
    - Dual tail wheels
    - Bar lug drive tires
    - Head lights
    - asking $6,700 (new $9,400)

    Blue Bird Core Aerator:
    - Low use; excellent condition
    - Model H742
    - 25.5" coring width
    - 4 HP Honda engine
    - Aerate 40,000 sq. ft. per hour
    - asking $1,200 (new $2,600)

    Blue Bird Slicer/Seeder:
    - Low use; excellent condition
    - Model P18
    - 18" slicing/seeding width
    - 5.5 HP Honda engine
    - Fixed Delta blade with seed box
    - asking $700 (new $1,560)

    John Deere Edger:
    - Good condition
    - Model E35
    - Three-wheeled, walk-behind edger
    - Adjustable wheel for edging curbs
    - asking $125 (new $395)

    PACKAGE DEAL: purchase mower, aerator and seeder together and I'll knock off $500 for a total purchase price of $8,100 PLUS I'll throw in the edger at no charge. I am located east of Kansas City, Missouri. Contact me (Jeff) at 816-263-0160 (cell) or 816-633-4465 (home).

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