For some of you pro's..G6 blades for a Garden Tractor??


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How would it be if I put some G6 blades on a Garden Tractor?? I've got a 46" with a 18.5 hp motor on it her.. or would a G5 or otherwise be better for it you think?? Im aware of the difference of thickness, and width with the other "G" models...or, just stick with the 3-1 gator's I presently use?? I like the way the G6's have a longer edge on them, where the gator 3 N 1 dont, it seems...Hope ya'lls years is starting out good.. be safe... Gunner..:usflag:

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What machine do you have? That will be the biggest deciding factor for you. If the model isn't one of the more popular ones out, they won't be available in either G6, or G5. I've already talked to the Oregon rep here on LS about that (Oregon OEP).

If it is one that they are available for, your engine should run them just fine unless you get into some really thick, long grass. I have been running them commercially since mid season last year. They are an awesome blade if you can get them for your machine. The G5 is exactly the same thing, but lighter as you know, so if they are available for your mower, then I'd try to snag them. The G6/5's are worlds better than the std 3-1 gators.


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Your biggest issue will be weight with only 18hp at your disposal. I'd opt for the g5 to reduce this as much as possible and regain some blade tip speed. As stated you may have issues in heavy growth but give it a shot!