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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by resurectionlawn, Jul 19, 2008.

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    This Is For Teenagers To Post Pics Of Their Equipment And Talk About Theier Workload And Give Info About Them And Their Business.
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    ok well i am only 14 and me and my dad started Ernie mankins and sons construction in august of 2007... this was a first time thing for me but this is a new beginning for my dad after goin out of business after fifteen years of bobcat and mini excavator work mostly doing underground. But currently we do irrigation, retaining walls, pool backfills, electric service to pools, lot clean up, and just anything that comes our way. but here is a pic of our rig with a rental bobcat 430.

    but i have been running equipment since i was five and been around dirt work since i was born. so i am still learning but i have learned quite alot in the little time i have been doin this.

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    Heck, I'll post a few pictures.

    Basic Info:

    My name is Mitch
    Fifth year operating as a "business", first year as a legit operation
    Around thirty weekly maintenance customers; residential and commercial
    I have a part time guy (retired gentleman) who works with me a few days a week, some days grandma helps me out (she stays in the truck)
    Lots of landscape work (aerating, bush/hedge trimming, clean ups, etc.)
    Going to be advancing into the snow/ice division as soon as I can legally drive alone (February 25th, 2009)
    All equipment paid cash (with the exception of a SMALL portion of the truck, special thanks to dad for helping me there)
    I do hope to make a career out of this, but stay a solo operation. I would also like to get into other things (investment related stuff)

    Here's a few pictures of the stuff. No updated "fleet" picture, but that may soon change:usflag:


  5. DSLND

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    Here is my latest purchase!

  6. 1993lx172

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    I'm eighteen and working towards a business license but i'm covered by insurance, i have nine yards with eight clients(one pays me to trim both her's and her neighbor's who started mowing her yard after her husband died and another i use their mower because they live ten miles away and have over an acre that i'm responsible for, it is a larger cut than mine, as well as maintenance on the mower when the owner doesn't get a chance to do it) and as for my equipment check my sig. line. and yes I really need to get a trailer traveling at 5mph gets a little old, but i've put six years into this and have not low-balled yet.
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    What you listed as landscape work is all part of maintenance.
  9. kreft

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    Duramax- wouldn't trimming hedges be part of "landscape work"?
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    19 years old. Insured, workers comp, pay taxes, Pestecide license.

    Running through employee's, just a couple part timers.

    50 weekly mowing accounts
    20+ acres of Cemetery
    8 Hedge/bed main. accounts
    4 weed control/fert accounts
    4 Snow Removals
    1-2 Landscape installs per week

    I have a thread floating around with my equipment

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