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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gunner27, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. gunner27

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    Are you more pissed at the part-time guys or the full-timers that low ball everything. I used to do this buisness as my main job. I started as I was going to college. I found a full time job that paid my bennifits and also a healthy main income. I now use lawn care as a second income. My question is, do we, as part timers threaten your livelyhood as buisnessmen? Or do the wannabee's that you see eveywhere? I am fully insured and have some of the same customers for over 10 yrs. So my question is, who is more of a threat?
  2. lawnman_scott

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    Neither one bothers me. There will always be cheap people, and "lowballers" will keep those people from bothering me.
  3. 021462

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    Neither is a threat to me, there is plenty of work to go around.
  4. MMLawn

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    EXACTLY. There are lowballers that are fulltime and there are lowballers that are part-time. Heck, I must have seen 10 rag tag trucks and trailers with homeowner lawn tractors and a murray push mower today alone. One thing my dad who has been in business for 36 years taught me that his dad who ws in business 40 years taught him, is that you can't spend your time worring about what the other fella is doing.
  5. Popsicle

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    I don't see part-timers as a threat. There is plenty of work to go around; both the Walmart clients (take them all) and Nordstrom clients (mine).
  6. gunner27

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    from ohio
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    That's great if you have a sound buisness, to me, it's almost a bigger threat to me as a part time guy when I have customer who say to me, " that guy over there in the van just quoteted me a price $10.00 cheaper a week than you!" To me, I don't care, I have a set group of customers and I could care less if i lose one or get one! I just remember back a few years when I was pissed about the guy that was lowballing or was the "flyer" guy.
  7. Blades of Steel

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    I don't worry about either. I just do a good job and it seems to work. It's not very likely they will get rid of you even if they get a lower bid if you do a good job and keep the lines of communication open between one another. Good PR works better than a low quote!!!!!!!!!!

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