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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Alpha Property, Jan 31, 2010.

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    i was wasting some time on plowsite last week and i was looking at a thread about having a lap top mounted in your truck for simple billing, and it doesn't seam like there's a really slick program out yet that doesn't need bar code scanning and someone on there had mentioned a great idea.
    I have a really bad habit of not writing stuff down as we go during the day and then i tend to forget at the end of the day, so i went out and bought a $40 MP3 Voice recorder from futureshop. so now when anything happens during the day from what time i start, when employees show up, each account and even a quick comment about any expenses i can make a super quick voice note and then at the end of the day/week i can put it all on paper and in quick books and this way there's no more forgetting. I've used it twice now out doing snow and find it sooo much easier, and there's no trying to write in the dark and i can keep track of all of the times arriving and times departing
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    can you post the link to the plowsite thread your talking about? I am in the process of buying the stuff for a in truck laptop/printer. Got the macbook pro, HP laptop printer, quickbooks for mac, and now I just need the RAM mount.
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    sounds like a GREAT ideal.

    I'm afraid I'm the type that writes everythign down, BUT I dont have a tablet or it's in the truck or office when needed elsewhere. so I have millions of scrap notes that pile up.

    Thanks for the tip
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    Along the same ideas... I was in Best Buy a week ago and saw some new technology there. A Pen, yes that writes on paper, that has a computer in it that recognizes what you write as it's being written and it's then saved and can be accessed later by your computer. It also has a built in voice recorder. It could write on regular paper or some kind of special paper that had certian commands around the edges that you could point the pen to to make it do different things.

    I just watched the little demo on the video that was at the display. Can't even remember the name of the device now... It was around $100 I think.
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    Now that is a fantastic idea!! Love it.

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